8 Types Of 'Dulhe Ke Bhai' You Will Meet At Every Desi Shaadi!

8 Types Of 'Dulhe Ke Bhai' You Will Meet At Every Desi Shaadi!

We’re not saying that all guys are the same. Stereotyping is not our thing. But if you’ve ever been to a desi shaadi (of course you have!), then you’ve definitely come across these 8 types of dulhe ke bhai! From the one who gets everyone drunk to the one who is always by the groom’s side… We’re sure you’ll find most of them at a wedding!

1. The one who enthusiastically does all the work

There’s this one guy who is always running around. The buas, the chachis, all love him because he’s sucha sona munda! He greets all the guests, makes sure the vendors are doing their job and manages every other little detail that others may ignore. By the end of the wedding, he is like an extended family member and everyone on the guest list knows who he is!

2. The creepy one who stares

Oh yeah, never forget the creep(s). This is the guy who is standing in one corner and checking out all the girls. He will make you uncomfortable with his weird stares and all you’ll want to do is punch him in the face. TBH, even the groom didn’t want him at the wedding, but he’s only there because he’s a part of the extended fam.

2 dulhe ke bhai

3. The party starter

This guy makes the wedding the crazy party that it is! He’s the first on the dance floor and he’s also got some great social skills. He’ll make sure that the ladkiwalas don’t get the groom’s shoes and will be the one negotiating with them about shagun money and stuff. All in all, he’s the guy who’ll ensure that everybody has a good time.

4. The drunk dancer

Seen that one bhai who is constantly dancing?! He has no other business at the wedding and will go to any length to convince the DJ for that one last song! Truth is that he is already several pegs down and appears to be more excited than the dulha. How he gets back home is a mystery!

4 dulhe ke bhai

5. The macho guy with all the muscles

This is the guy with the bulging muscles and clothes that are a size or two small for his huge frame. He goes around showing off his body in a tight suit or sherwani. Oh and yes, this may be pushing it a little, but he might also have a tattoo or two.

6. The most ‘eligible’ guy

This is the guy that every girl is smitten by at the party. He’s charming, he’s good-looking and he just has everybody swooning over him. Every aunty at the wedding wants him as her son-in-law and his parents will probably get a dozen rishtas for him, post the shaadi.

6 dulhe ke bhai

7. The baby bro

He’s the groom’s younger brother who is enjoying his bro’s wedding to the fullest. He’ll run around doing a lot of work and is everyone’s favourite for his sheer excitement and innocence. And oh, he loves mingling around with his elder bro’s friends and loves the attention the hot didis give him!

8. The ‘too cool for this’ dude

This is the guy who is at the wedding just for the sake of it. His demeanour makes it clear that he doesn’t care much about the rituals or the customs. He’s mostly on his phone or with a drink in his hand. Nothing about the shaadi interests him much. He’s too cool, you know!

8 dulhe ke bhai

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