Attending A Desi Wedding? Here Are 10 Types Of Aunties You'll Definitely Meet!

Attending A Desi Wedding? Here Are 10 Types Of Aunties You'll Definitely Meet!

A desi wedding without interesting guests is really nothing! In fact, it is these rishtedaars that add so much character and the fun element to Indian shaadis - especially the aunties! No matter what part of the country you attend a wedding in, you will most definitely come across most of these aunties. Right from the rishte karani wali aunty to the one who judges everybody and everything, here are the 10 types of aunties that are magically present at just every shaadi you'll ever attend!

1. Rishte karane wali aunty

She is always on the lookout for suitable rishtas for all the eligible unmarried guys and girls at the shaadi. She will be roaming around gathering details about everyone and will get to the match-making game as soon as she gets an opportunity. And she actually manages to fix at least one rishta at every wedding she attends!

2. Dance bee

Yep, how can we forget the dancer aunty, with her adorable (& slightly funny) steps and her zeal to pull everybody to the dance floor. She is actually the life of every function.

3. The 'khana mein kuch maza nahi aaya' aunty

This one is the cribber of the lot, she has a problem with everything. The food, the decor, the people, everything! She is never happy with anything at the wedding and is usually seen complaining in one corner. Oh but on the outside, she's sweet as sugar!

3 bribbing aunty

4. The gossip queen

Right from the cost of the bride's lehenga to the total kharcha that both the families did, this one woman knows everything. And she makes absolutely zero efforts to keep that information to herself.

5. The supercool one

This one aunty who is a favourite not just among the elders, but also a pro with the kids and teens. She downs a peg or two herself, dances with everyone, helps the girls with joota chupai and is a totes sweetheart and just awesome!

6. Mrs. judgy judgerson

Very easy to spot, she is the one who stands in a corner surrounded in her own posh bubble, judging everything and everyone. She believes she is too elite for the gathering and is only there because well, rishtedaari toh nibhaani padhti hai na!

6 judging aunty

7. The public advisor aunty

She rolls out career, relationship and other advice at the drop of a hat, needless to say, without being asked for. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it does not... So do what you gotta do, girl. 

8. The dholak wali aunty

She is the designated dholki player at every wedding in the family, mainly because she is the only one who knows how to play it. But, she makes the sangeet and mehendi functions so much fun with her funny songs and limericks.

9. The one who always goes OTT with make-up

The one who goes to the parlour before every small function and comes back with loud make-up, fake curls and of course, blingy outfits! She's in competition with the bride, you know!

9 over make up gifs

10. The show-off aunty

Does she even need an introduction or explanation?! She is the one you can spot from a100 metres away, thanks to the elaborate saree and huge diamonds!

So, how many of these aunties have you come across?

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