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Trial & Error: Mishaps From The Changing Room That'll Make You ROFL!

Trial & Error: Mishaps From The Changing Room That'll Make You ROFL!

Trial room - the place I love and dread the most. Love because this is where I decide my life’s happiness by either buying or not buying an outfit. Dread, mostly during the sale season, because the lines are as long as Rapunzel’s hair. But nonetheless, I can’t be stopped from shopping (first sign of becoming a shopaholic, I know!) As much therapy as shopping gives us all, there are some incidents that you just can’t get away with like a price tag. Here are five funny and freaky real-life stories lived and learned by the POPxo team members. One of these could be you too:

1. When I Became A Stalker

1 trial room - lily aldrin stalking himym

I had found my dream skirt. Holographic pink maxi skirt with a lot of flares and fluff. Ah! I saw it on the ‘Last Pieces on Sale’ rack at H&M. Then I saw it being taken away by another girl (who clearly wasn’t a size 8) I followed her to the trial room. Waited for her to come back and discard the skirt on the counter, because well, and ran for it like it was a race. Today I’m a proud owner of a Rs 1,500 skirt worth 8k. Stalking skills finally put to use!

- Sayunkta Jain, Senior Fashion Writer

2. For The Love Of Clicking Selfies!

2 trial room - taking a selfie

I mean, which girl hasn't clicked a selfie in the trial room, right? The only difference was that I forgot to put my phone on silent when I clicked the damn picture! I was sceptical about buying the dress and before making the splurge, I wanted my bestie's take on it. As I clicked the selfie, the camera noise followed and I knew I goofed up. The most embarrassing memory of mine is stepping out of the trial room and having to deal with ALL those awkward stares. #Facepalm

- Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer

3. Thanks But No Thanks, F21 Trial Rooms!

3 trial room - -shocked expressions

What happened to me a couple of years ago at Forever 21 has left a super long lasting effect on me. I was on my bi-annual bra run and had picked up a bunch of pretty ones to try on. Call it my bad luck or stupidity on the store’s part. I mean, who has lock-less doors in a unisex trial room? But just as I was about to put on the first bra, a guy barged in on me. Braless. I screamed and he ran out, probably as embarrassed as I was. No more unisex trial rooms for me ever!

- Arunima Rustagi, Senior Fashion Writer

4. Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place!

4 trial room - mean girls dress zip stuck

The mall is my happy place, I love the pretty lights and awesomely posed mannequins on the storefront. My favourite thing to do is step into stores and try on fancy dresses that I can never dream to afford as a perpetually broke millennial. This one time though, I tried on a (very expensive) bodycon that stayed in place with a side concealed zipper. The only problem, it got stuck when I tried to take it off. After a good 10 minutes of struggle and profuse sweating, I had to hail the staff, who set me free from that dress using one of the decorative candles. Oh, the price we pay for a bit of a rush!

- Sumona Bose, Fashion Writer

5. Tore Up My Heart!

5 trial room - tight pants

I am the kind of girl who takes 50 pieces of clothing to the trial room. My sincere apologies to all those who have waited in line outside the trail rooms. One of the items I picked up was a bodycon that could only fit me in my dreams. The struggle of getting into it was real but the struggle of getting out of it was unimaginable! I pulled down the zipper and was confident that it would slip down. I pulled out one arm and caused a big rip on the side. I pulled out the other arm and few threads got stuck in my watch. I ended up paying for that dress and went home with a rag!

- Tanya Verma, Social Media Coordinator

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Published on Mar 9, 2018
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