The Fashion Dictionary: New Terms That You Don't Need To Google!

The Fashion Dictionary: New Terms That You Don't Need To Google!

You know you’re a fashion girl when you don’t just love dressing up, but you’re obsessed with everything fashion. All day, every day. From keeping tabs on new and interesting designers and exciting brand collaborations to knowing the latest additions to the universal fashion glossary. 2017 gave us pussy bows, monokinis, sock boots amongst other trendy terms. This year, we’ve been blessed with trends, such as bants and teddy coats. And also, after last year’s mom jeans, we now have dad trainers. Yes, it’s raining trends on the fashion scene, and you need to catch up to live up to your ‘fashion girl’ status. We got you, babe. Here are some fashion terms you need to be well acquainted with, this year.

1. Dad Trainers

Inspired by frumpy trainers usually worn by middle-aged men back in the 80s-90s, this term is in every fashion someone’s mind this year. Insta ‘it girls’ and Hollywood stars alike are all about this ugly-chic trend ATM. And even though I’m still trying to wrap my head around this trend, it’s a term you need to add to your sartorial dictionary, stat.

2. Bants


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What are bants? Maybe, a simple equation will decode this fashion term for you… Boots + Pants = Bants. Or simply put, pants that extend into boots, a more evolved version of sock boots. Hollywood sightings have been plenty, but Bollywood’s not far behind. Yep, homegirl Sonam Kapoor pulled the look off, and successfully, might I add.

3. Bathleisure


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From my favourite blogger, Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller to my signature spirit animal, RiRi... the highest ranked fashion girls are getting with the Bathleisure trend. Think bathrobes, towel turbans, fuzzy house slippers et al. Memorise this term by heart, girls. I have.

4. Bag Lady

Ever since the Olsen twins made the switch from Hollywood to high end fashion, they’ve been the most coveted fashion subjects in the industry. And they’re certified bag ladies, of course. One bag on the arm, one as a crossbody, and yet another one in your hand? And all on purpose… you don’t really need three bags to carry all that stuff; yep, you’re a bag lady alright.

5. Bum Bag

Bum bags and fanny packs are not the same. Bum bags are like the cooler, younger, more fashionable (distant) cousin of a fanny pack, which were essentially frumpy pouches attached to a tacky belt. The popular term describes slimmer, edgier bags, meant to be secured by sleeker and more stylish belts.

6. Teddy Coat


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While Rhea Kapoor took it a little too literally, the term ‘teddy coat’ is not, in fact, a coat made of a bunch of soft toys glued together. This is what a teddy coat looks like:

A coat that’s not quite fur, not quite shearling… somewhere in the middle, textured like a teddy bear. Hence, the nomenclature. Also, they’re exceptionally warm. Until next winter, teddies!

7. Glove Shoes


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Think of them as gloves but for your feet. These shoes aren’t the prettiest, sure, but they are hella comfortable thanks to the glove-like fit. And since comfort is the new black, it’s time you invested in this evolving trend. Write the term down, already!   

8. Ear Jackets


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Remember ear cuffs? Well, the term ‘ear jackets’ includes, but isn’t limited to ear cuffs. It is used to describe a pair of earrings that frames the curve and shape of the ear, be it from the side, or from the bottom. Take Millie Bobby Brown’s breathtaking ear jackets at the Golden Globes 2018 in January. We score her 11 on 10. Get it?

9. Banana Clips

Fashion girls, pay close attention. Alongside knowing new trends as well as the back of your hands, it’s important to spot the beginning of a big trend wave. Which is why the term ‘banana clips’ aka clutcher clips, needs to be in your style file. Alexander Wang took us back to the 90s with his choice of runway accessories: giant, metallic banana clips. And we’re waiting for it to be a thing like…