Where Should You Draw A Line On Intimacy In A Relationship?

Where Should You Draw A Line On Intimacy In A Relationship?

There is, unfortunately, such a thing as knowing someone too well. Your priority when you fall in love is to get to know your partner as deeply as possible, but is that always the right idea? What happens when you get too comfortable? The intimacy could be both, physical and emotional. Getting too involved in your relationship could be the core of this problem. So where do you draw the line? Is there even a line? Romantic comedies have taught us that if this person is 'the one' then you'll never get tired of their company and will almost never need space. Is it time to consider that this may be a lie? That your need for your own personal identity outside the relationship will suddenly disappear? Well, let's find out! 

1. Getting Too Dependent

It starts out small, he's picking up your laundry on the way and it seems thoughtful. But eventually, it turns into you depending on him to do almost everything for you. From the decisions you make to the clothes that you wear, the other person's opinion begins to matter more than your own. That is exactly when you know there is a problem. Consider your relationship to be a Venn diagram - if your circles overlap then it isn't exactly inconvenient. But if the circles completely take over each other then it's time the alarm bells start ringing. 

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2. Loss Of Individuality 

You are two different people and there is a reason why you lead two different lives. There is no reason for you to become a copy of your partner. Yes, if you spend all your time with each other then you will pick up mannerisms from each other. But if you don't draw the line you will forget where you end and the other person begins. And it isn't as romantic as it sounds!

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3. Don't Have Your Own People 

When you spend all your social time with each other, you often blur the line between 'his' friends and 'your' friends. But the truth is that you both need to have your own social circle to remain sane. Because if you do eventually break up with your boyfriend, you'll be left with no one and it will take a toll on you. 

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4. Taking Each Other For Granted 

This happens to every person who gets close to you and isn't exclusive to your relationship. If you get intimate enough to spend all your time together, taking each other for granted is inevitable. You assume that the other person will understand all your decisions and that isn't always the case. 

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5. Getting Too Comfortable

This point applies more to your sex life than anything else. What happens when you get too comfortable sexually? You stop exploring and set a routine that isn't exciting enough. It's good to keep some parts of your life exciting. Don't turn into that couple who has sex just once a week. 

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Stay smart, ladies!

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