Rapunzel Dreams: Grow Your Hair Super Long With These Pro Tips

Rapunzel Dreams: Grow Your Hair Super Long With These Pro Tips

Envious of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and others who look fabulous with their long locks? Well, you are technically jealous of their weaves. But seriously, while we may not have the moolah to spend on weaves, we all at some point have wanted long and healthy hair. The next best thing to a weave would be for you to pamper your hair and make sure it grows long and strong. Here are some of our best tips, tricks and hacks on how to give Rapunzel a run for her money!

1. Cut It!

You would think that cutting your hair is counter-intuitive to growing it, However, a good trim can actually help keep hair healthy and boost hair growth. Getting rid of split ends and damaged strands help stop hair fall and start fresh. So, the more often you get a trim, the better it is for your hair.

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2. Use A Conditioner 

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Over time, the ends of your hair don’t get enough nutrients and the structure tends to weaken. Using conditioner after a shampoo restores moisture and strength to strands that require care. A good conditioner helps protect these delicate ends. Apply on the length; avoid your scalp altogether.

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3. Apply Natural Shampoos

Chemical-laden shampoos are good for cleaning product build-up but also strip your hair of natural oils. So opt for shampoos that are sulfate-free to aid in the growth of your hair.

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4. Make Most Of the Supplements

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You may have seen many celebrities promote hair supplement gummies that you can take every day to get long and strong hair. The main ingredient in these supplements are vitamin B or biotin, that is known to help grow hair and nails. Make sure to check with your family doctor before taking any supplements though.

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5. Pamper Your Mane With A Hair Spa

Once a month, get yourself a hair spa treatment at your favourite salon to reduce hairfall. Ask the beauty expert there to suggest the best treatments for you, whether it’s a cream based hair spa or a hot oil massage. Getting these treatments done at least once a month will improve your hair and scalp health. 

6. Avoid Vigorous Brushing

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We normally tend to be quite rough with our knots and tangles, but intense brushing can cause hair to break and the roots to become weak from pulling. It’s best to brush hair when freshly washed, keeping in mind to brush from bottom to top. Take sections and hold your hair near the root, and then brush out the bottom, taking away any unwanted stress on the root itself. After you get the tangles out then use a soft brush to comb near your scalp. It would be ideal if you brushed them with a brush with wooden bristles, they are gentle on your scalp as well.

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7. Switch To A Silk Pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases tend to be rough, even if it has a high thread count. Smooth silk or satin pillowcases caress your hair and don’t allow unwanted tangles from occurring. Fewer tangles aside, silk pillows are also good for your face, as it doesn’t cause unnecessary creases aiding the anti-ageing process.

8. Change Your Parting

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If you’ve noticed a little thinning near your parting, it’s time to switch. Hair that is used to being tied or styled in the same way for a long period of time, can be weaker at those points - not allowing hair to regenerate in those areas. So give it a break, and every few months or so, switch up your hairstyle.

9. Take A Break From Chemical Treatments

Whether colouring your hair or permanently straightening it, if your hair keeps going through these harsh chemical treatments, chances are it’s damaged and will take time to rejuvenate. So take a break from these procedures and go natural. Pamper your naturally happy locks in any way you can. Within a month or so you should see life come back to your hair.

10. Find The Right Products

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While the tips above might help, the main thing is to find the right products for your type of hair. Go to a dermatologist and ask for products that you should be using for your hair type. A dermatologist will diagnose your hair and scalp and suggest products that will enhance and strengthen your hair. Do this sooner than later, as sometimes we may think we are using the right products, but they could actually be hampering the growth and texture of our hair.

Hope these hacks help you get the mane of your dreams!