Style Cheat Sheet: How To Look Like A Blogger When You Aren't One!

Style Cheat Sheet: How To Look Like A Blogger When You Aren't One!

Can I ask you guys a question? Am I the only one, or does everyone wish they were a fashion blogger? I think it’s safe to say that they are basically the Beyoncés of social media. All the free clothes, makeup, food and travel… who wouldn’t want that?

But like every other job, being a blogger is all about hard work, consistency and attention to detail. It also means you be an open book and let your audience into every aspect of your life. If you’d rather keep a low profile, and all you want is the blogger aesthetic and style, there are numerous ways and tactics to get there.

Believe it or not, it’s not just about the way you dress. The blogger aesthetic is nothing short of art, and art takes time. But guess what? The groundwork has been done by yours truly, so you save days’ worth of research. All you need now is a photographer friend and your smartphone! Our Plixxo bloggers show you how it’s done, so you better take notes, girl:

1. Invent New Ways Of Styling A Classic


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It’s not just what you wear, it’s also how you wear it. Think of fresh new ways of styling basics and classics. Take ‘The Blogger Coat’, for example - a popular ‘blogger’ way of wearing a jacket or coat around your shoulders, instead of the regular way. Take a cue from Plixxo blogger That Boho Girl, Kritika Khurana here.

2. Take A Lot Of Plandids

Let me decode this for you. ‘Plandids’ are planned candids. I know, sort of an oxymoron, but that’s what they are. POPxo Assistant Producer Beauty and fashion blogger, Shraddha Gurung is a master at it - looks like she’s just walking into a restaurant, doesn’t she? Popular shots: looking off into the distance and laughing, strolling down the street, etc.

3. Be On An Endless Hunt For Artsy Walls


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Wherever you go, look for an artsy, aesthetic wall to capture your outfit in front of. Trust me, it elevates your OOTD game and how! POPxo Beauty Producer and Plixxo blogger Cherry Jain’s IG feed has plenty of brilliant examples!

4. Plan Instagrammable Holidays

The next time you’re planning a vacation, keep one thing in mind. Your holiday destination should be as instagrammable as your outfits. It’s a picture no one will be able to resist clicking on. Exhibit A: this picture of super blogger Aakriti Rana Gill vacaying in Bali.

5. Overdress Even For A Plane Ride


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It’s not a bad thing. Remember, a wise person once said, ‘you can never be overdressed or overeducated’. Don’t be shy, be on point when you’re travelling, or even when you’re taking a quick trip to the mall. Take notes from Delhi-based blogger, Mehak Ghai.

6. The ‘Resting Bitch Face’ Is Your BFF

Maintain the blogger mood in your pictures, with a balanced mix of mystery, whimsy and attitude. Just watch how the ‘resting bi*ch face’ takes your outfit to the next level. Plixxo super blogger Nilu Yuleen Thapa is a pro at it, isn’t she?

7. Know Your Angles


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Juhi Godambe is one blogger, who knows all her angles. One look at this picture and you know what I mean. Take a lot of test shots and figure out the angles that work for you. Communicate them to whoever is taking your pictures too.

8. Match Your Outfits To Your Food

It’s important for every picture, along with your feed, to have a theme. Whether it’s colour or mood, a theme is key for a true blogger aesthetic. Take Pune-based blogger Natasha Shrotri here - she’s planned her outfit to resemble her luxurious poolside breakfast spread. Genius, isn’t it?

9. Be Up To Trend, All Day Everyday

If you don’t know Aien Jamir, let me tell you, she’s one of the boldest bloggers out there. Aien’s feed is proof that she’s always aware of the newest international trends and styles. To achieve an edgy aesthetic like hers and make your feed stand out, check out what’s new on the fashion scene on the regular.

10. Add Statement Pieces To Your Closet

Want your feed to look like a Plixxo blogger’s? Whether it’s slogan pieces or novelty bags, be on a constant lookout for fun, statement pieces. Mumbai-based Aashna Shroff’s feed is full of them, and I love it.

11. Flatlays Are LYF

Blogger feeds and flatlays are synonymous. Photos of you in a stupendous outfit are great, but give your audience a visual break. While shooting flatlays of your outfit, use pretty props and backgrounds. For instance, Shaurya Sanadhya’s blogger flatlay has a cute fur background, fairy lights and matching slippers as the fashion element.

And the most important rule of all, don’t forget the hashtags!

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