Hack It: Everything You Need To Know About Concealing Greys And Grow-Out!

Hack It: Everything You Need To Know About Concealing Greys And Grow-Out!

Greys in your hair are not always a welcome sight. If you are young it may feel like a loss to the race with time and if you’re older, well, it probably means it’s time for another touch- up. In this day and age when we scrambling around with our schedules, there’s a full chance that we might forget to book an appointment for a root touch up or sometimes just don’t have the time to go in for that colour appointment. Well, I’ve rounded up some tips, tricks, hacks and ideas to hide, cover and conceal your greys - be it the roots or first-time appearances.

Please note: These hacks do not allow you to ‘prevent’ greys. If you’ve spotted greys, you might as well learn to accept them as well!

Mascara, Eyeliner And Brow Gel

Use a brown or black shade in any of these eye products to cover up the greys. Because mascara and eyeliner are used on your eyes, the applicator helps you get a precise application on your greys.

Marker In A Pinch

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Are you at work sans any make-up on you? Just take a black marker and cover up the visible grey areas. This doesn’t mean painting on your entire roots, but just some stark whites that are clearly visible and shouldn’t be.

Eyeshadow Or Eyebrow Powder And Hairspray

This is my favourite trick. Just use eyeshadow closest to your hair shade and dust it on the roots or visible greys. To seal it in, just spray the area with hairspray and it should last until your next wash. You could even spray hairspray after you apply mascara to make it more durable.

Colour Stick, Powder Or Spray


There are temporary hair touch up sprays, powders and sticks available in the market that you could just spray on your grow-outs for a special occasion/event. Sometimes these temporary colours stain, so just make sure you run your hands through your hair a little less.

Cut IF It’s Just A Couple

If it’s just one or two strands then just cut them at the root and carry on with your day. Try not to pluck them out though.

Dry Shampoo

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This works better if you’re a brunette. Buy dry shampoo for brunettes, spray it on and instead of thoroughly massaging it into your roots just leave it as is.

Switch Your Parting

This is just a simple trick. If your greys are concentrated when you part your hair in the middle or one particular side, then you just switch the part and conceal them for a bit.

Get Highlights


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Okay, this is for the lazy girls (i.e. my kind) out there. If you want to conceal your greys but are too lazy to do the upkeep that comes with a global hair colour job, get highlights. Lighter colour around your greys will not make them starkly visible even if the colour wears off. Greys are usually visible because the hair is darker around it, so highlights are great!

Go Platinum

This might be an OTT option BUT it’s totally something that I want to try soon. Embrace your greys and let the rest of your hair follow suit. Just go platinum and enjoy life.

Embrace Them Glitter Roots

This is far-fetched. But if you have an event to go for or something and your roots aren’t touched up, you can seriously give glitter roots a whirl. You never know what clicks!

Whatever you do, just remember your greys don’t rule you! XOXO

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