10 Times It's Absolutely Okay Not To Say Sorry

10 Times It's Absolutely Okay Not To Say Sorry

A recent study found that women tend to apologise for a lot more than men do. From personal experience, I can tell you that I've said sorry even in a situation where the other person bumped into me. From my peer group as well, I've seen fellow women apologise for trivial things crossing someone’s path by mistake to taking a seat they didn’t know was someone else’s. Sometimes they've even felt guilty for things out of their control like sneezing to coughing to walking out of a meeting room to attend a really urgent call. It's just how we're conditioned to respond. But the truth is, there are somethings we must not feel guilty doing because they are a part of self-love and self-care. So here are 10 times it’s absolutely okay to not apologise!

1. For wanting a day off

Some days you don’t want to show up at work or go to that party because you aren't in the zone. Instead, you just want to be in your PJs and unwind. Never feel guilty for wanting some time for yourself. Most of us need to centre ourselves time and again before we go back into the world and slay.

1 okay to not apologise

2. For reporting a wrongdoing

Being silent and not reporting a wrongdoing is just as bad as being the culprit yourself. If you decide to stand up against injustice, there’s no reason why you should be sorry for it.

3. For something as trivial as entering the lift before someone else

It’s no big deal and it’s definitely not disrespectful, so you don’t need to say "I am sorry". It’s a lift and people will climb as one after the other.

4. For sitting on a chair that you didn't know was taken

This has probably happened to all of us. We’ve all sat on a chair that we didn’t know was taken and later apologised profusely when the person sitting told us to move. Well, you didn’t know - so there’s no reason to be sorry. And this is just one example. You know there are so many other situations similar to this one.

5. For having a differing views

You can have a different belief system than someone else without feeling guilty, okay? It’s completely natural and acceptable. In fact, the only thing you must learn is to start accepting different opinions.

5 okay to not apologise

6. For disagreeing with an idea your boss has presented

We all have been at this spot. It may happen that what your boss says and how you think it should be is not in sync. There is no need to be sorry for your ideas as long as you present them respectfully.

7. For being selective about finding a partner

It’s completely okay for you to take your own time and figure out whatever it is that you’re looking for in a partner. Take your time finding ‘the’ one and don’t be sorry for it.

8. For all your imperfections and flaws

You’re not perfect and it’s okay. Nobody is. But you definitely don’t need to apologise for the imperfections because that’s what makes you unique and YOU! Be proud and confident. There is nobody out there like you.

9. For splurging some money on yourself!

You earned it. Period.

9 okay to not apologise

10. For replying a little late to a text, call or message!

You can be busy or preoccupied with something more important. You could have been driving or just might not have seen your phone. Or maybe you simply did not want to reply. Whatever the situation may have been, you really don’t have to be sorry.

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