11 Thoughts Every Girl Has On Seeing Her Hubby Naked For The First Time!

11 Thoughts Every Girl Has On Seeing Her Hubby Naked For The First Time!

Getting married means the beginning of many firsts that you share with your husband - first meal together, first night and obviously, seeing each other naked for the very first time. There, I said it! Even if you and your hubby have been intimate with each other before you got married, seeing him naked for the first time is a special (and weird!) kinda feeling. Something that nobody can put into words, but let’s try! Here are 11 things every new bride thinks when she sees her hubby naked for the first time EVER!

1. “Okay, so now that his shirt is off, what do I do next?”

Just move your hands over his bare chest, obviously! Such an amazing feeling!

2. “Oh my god, he’s kissing me all over and I can feel his thing pushing against my body…”

Hubby dearest is way too excited, and that’s just his body’s way of showing excitement *wink*

2 couple kissing

3. “Can we please dim the lights a bit… I feel so shy and weird!”

All normal, but you don’t really need to think about it so much! Just enjoy the moment, will you?!

4. “I can feel his heart throbbing when I place my head on his chest…”

Trust us, your hubby’s thinking just the same thing right now...

5. “And there go the pants…”

It’s show-time!!! Or is it?! *nervous giggling*

5 guy removing pants

6. “We’re both naked, OMG, it’s gonna happen!”

Dum dum dum...

7. “Oooh, his thing is so huge! It will hurt bad, I’m sure!”

It will, but the pain will be bittersweet and will soon be converted to pure pleasure!

8. “He smells so good, and I love how his large frame engulfs me into itself…”

My husband is so strong, and so warm! He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and out!

8 large frame engulfs

9. “Is he too thinking so much? Or is it just me???”

It’s not just you… You might be overthinking a bit, but your husband is just as anxious and nervous and happy and excited as you are! After all, it is the FIRST time for both of you!

10. “Oh, he knows what he’s doing! Should I return the favour right away?”

Go with the flow, girl! Just go with the flow!

11. “Where’s the damn condom when you need it… Ughh!”

Can’t wait any longer, can you?

11 couple kssing

These are a few naughty things that come to every girl’s mind when she sees her hubby naked for the very first time! And trust me, you will never forget this feeling, so ‘cherish’ it! *wink*

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