Bride Went Foundation-Free On Her Wedding Day & Looked So Gorgeous!

Bride Went Foundation-Free On Her Wedding Day & Looked So Gorgeous!

All of us think that foundation is the base for flawless make-up, and this is true to an extent. But, what do you do if you already have naturally gorgeous skin? *OMG, how lucky are you!?!* There is no point caking up your face with layers of foundation when you're a natural beauty, right? Gursheen, our gorgeous new bride did just that and went foundation-free on her wedding day.

Leena Bhushan, the make-up artist who did a great job with Gursheen's bridal look, put up a lot of videos of the stunner on her Insta profile, and we are totes crushing on her! She looks gorgeous even without foundation and we're fans of her naturally glowing skin. Take a look and you'll know what we're talking about:

We can't even think about going to a party without foundation and here she is, looking absolutely beautiful on the most special day of her life. Not just for the wedding, Gursheen kept her make-up to a minimal on her mehendi function too! 

Yes, that's right! No foundation, no fake lashes and no coloured lenses! Just winged liner, a perfect shade of pink lipstick and blush was all it needed to make this bride look like a million bucks. Maybe we need to update the bridal beauty essentials list now!

Well, like they say, natural beauty is the best! And if you're lucky to be blessed with skin like that, then who needs foundation?! Gursheen, certainly did not!

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