10 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Beach Bum At Heart!

10 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Beach Bum At Heart!

I never understood the phrase 'mountains are calling me.' Mountains are huge rocks, how are they calling you? Beaches on the other hand...they call me to them everyday—just the sound of those soothing waves, the feeling of warm sand under my feet and the way a smile creeps up on my face everytime I see the first rays of the sun on a beach. Now, don't get me wrong, I have given vacationing up in the hills a shot, but by the time I dress up for the day (with all of my 100 layers of clothes), I am so exhausted that I just want to crawl back into my blanket. 

It's safe to say that beaches have my heart and if you've read till now thinking 'That's so me!' then you're a beach bum, too! And, you will definitely relate to these things!

1. You're constantly trying to convince people to ditch the mountains

Why do people love going to cold places, again? If the sun is not shining, neither is your face.

1 beach bum

2. You just can't deal with cold vacations

If you have to wear more than two layers of clothing, it's not fun.

3. While your friends are still making their Goa plans, you already know all the best places to visit in the city

What can I say, beaches have my heart!

4. Your shopping cart always has a swimsuit or two

Tankinis, monokinis, bikinis...you've got 'em all!

4 beach bum

5. You know all the hacks to get sand out of your clothes...

...and hair...and the rest of your body.

6. You own way too many flip-flops

Who knew flip-flops could have so many styles, colours and types? The best part is they are comfy AF!

7. Your dream house is, obviously, next to the beach

Can you just imagine waking up to that sunrise with a cup of coffee and a great book? #MorningGoals

7 beach bum

8. You have at least once wondered how you can own a beach shack

Maybe if you saved up every month till you're 40...

9. Sometimes you put yourself to sleep with the sound of waves

They are relaxation at it's best.

10. You love the after-beach tan

So much that you actually flaunt it unlike others who are always trying to get rid of it after a vacation.

10 beach bum %281%29


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