Dear Bride-To-Be, Here's Everything You Should Do Before You Put On Your Lehenga!

Dear Bride-To-Be, Here's Everything You Should Do Before You Put On Your Lehenga!

The moment has finally arrived! It is time for you to wear your bridal lehenga; the outfit for which you have spent sleepless hours, days and sometimes even months finalizing it. But, WAIT! We have a few things you need to do before you slip into your dream outfit. Trust us, you’ll thank us later for telling you all about it!

1. Relieve yourself!

You really don’t want to have an ‘emergency situation’ once you are in layers of tulle! Whether you feel like or not, remember to make a visit to the washroom before your wear your bridal outfit.


2. Brush, floss and rinse beforehand!

Believe us, it’ll be impossible for you to even rinse your mouth once your bridal make-up starts!

Spray some Breathe Herbal Mouth Freshener Spray (Rs 90) just before you make your bridal entry

3. Eat something

Remember to eat and drink before you wear your lehenga to avoid any food staining. You definitely don’t want your dream dress to get dirty!


4. Get your hair in place

If you need to slip in to your wedding outfit from your head, you need to get your hair in place first! Put extra bobby pins if needed, no flyaways allowed!

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5. Lehenga shots and fun pictures with your bridesmaids

The most important outfit of the day needs to be captured well. Let your photographer take pictures of your lehenga first. This is also the time when you can get some fun pictures with your bridesmaids.


6. Stain check on lehenga

Do a proper stain check on your lehenga before you wear it. Take a close look to check if there are any threads coming out or if you need to get that stubborn stain mark cleaned immediately.

Keep Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen (Rs 998) in your bridal emergency kit

7. Spray the perfume

In all the rush, you might forget to spray on some perfume. So, just before you wear your outfit, remember to spray some perfume on yourself.


8. Check the lingerie

If you are planning to wear a tummy tucker or warm leggings, remember to wear them before you wear your lehenga. Your lehenga needs to be tied in a way that your lingerie is not visible.

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9. Fluff the can-can

Ask your bridesmaids to fluff your can-can well before you get into it and tell them to repeat after you have worn it.  This is important as your lehenga needs to reach its full flare right before you make a smacking entry to the mandap.


10. Bid adieu to single life

Smile and be ready to enter the most exciting phase of your life. Take a long deep breath and get few pictures clicked moments before you become a “Mrs.” Believe us, it is all going to work out just fine!

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So, we hope you now know what are the things you should do before you transform into a beautiful princess for the day!

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Featured Image: Romesh Dhamija Productions