10 Things You'll Relate To If Your Jeeju Is The Most Awesome Person Ever!

10 Things You'll Relate To If Your Jeeju Is The Most Awesome Person Ever!

A guy can be an awesome husband, an amazing father and a great brother, but it takes a lot to be a perfect jeeju. All you girls out there will agree that getting your sister married and watch her leave home is not the easiest thing to do. But if you’re lucky enough to have an awesome brother-in-law, then life becomes even better than it was when it was just you and your sister. You become the crazy trio and it’s super fun. So, if you think your jeeju is the most amazing person ever, then here are some things you will totally relate to.

1. Even though he took your beloved sister away from you (in terms of distance), you didn’t really lose her. In fact, you just got an awesome plus one to your crazy duo!

You jeeju is now your partner-in-crime along with your sister, which is AWESOME!

2. He pampers you because you’re now his baby sister too!

Earlier only your didi pampered you… But now you get that same attention and special treatment from two people!

3. He takes you out for crazy night outs and parties, which your parents wouldn’t allow if it wasn’t for him!

A crazy night full of dancing, eating and *ahem* drinking *ahem* is only possible when it’s your jeeju taking you out. Mom and dad trust him so you don’t have to worry about getting a thousand missed calls from them while you’re out partying!

3 jeeju saali party

4. You can share anything with him and know that your secrets are safe!

That’s mainly because his secrets are also safe with you, but well. This is one guy you can talk to about anything. Be it your crushes, your boyfriend troubles, work issues or anything else under the Sun. And he somehow just always has the best solution to it all.

5. He gets you all the permissions you won’t be able to procure otherwise...

Dad not allowing you to go for that much-awaited trip to Goa? Well, jeeju to the rescue. All you have to do is patao him, and he will take care of the rest.

6. He gives you a silly nickname every time he meets you, but it’s just endearing, really!

Monkey face, cheeku and little miss mousy - yes, these are just some weird names that my jeeju has given me and even though I keep complaining, deep inside I know that he just gives me all these names because he adores me.

6 jeeju saali

7. He just always knows when you’re feeling low and he also knows how to lift your spirits...

You can just count on him to be there, always! Whenever your good mood goes for a toss, he does everything to make it better. He’ll take you out shopping or get you your favourite dessert!  He’s just like a younger version of your dad perhaps, just a bit cooler.

8. Whenever you and your sister have an argument, he always (okay, mostly) sides with you!

He does, right? No matter what the issue is, your brother-in-law will always agree with whatever you say. Obviously, he’ll face the repercussions at home and will have to pamper your sister with gifts, but somehow this guy always manages to keep you and your sister happy.

9. He interrogates your boyfriend to make sure he’s the right guy for you…

He might have even given the boyfriend an occasional threat - all in good spirit, of course. *wink* But, an awesome jeeju will never let anybody hurt his beloved saali.

9 jeeju saali

10. In the end, he’s your biggest support in everything you do!

He (along with your sister) will be your pillar of support, always and forever!

If you could relate to all or most of these things, then congratulations! You have the most awesome jeeju in the world!

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