Dear Hubby, These Are The Things That Make Me Love You A Little Bit More Everyday!

Dear Hubby, These Are The Things That Make Me Love You A Little Bit More Everyday!

Dear Hubby,

It’s a fact that I do not need any reasons to love you. I love you for the person you are and the way you make me feel in your presence. But, there are some funny, silly and adorable things that you do which make me fall in love with you more and more each day. I know you like it  when I sleep in your clothes or get excited when I see food (or go out shopping). Here are some things that you do which I can not resist even if I try...

1. You turn everyday into an adventure and an experience. You’re not just my husband, but my best friend too.

1 things that make me love you

2. You get me the quirkiest gifts which might look silly to other people, but only I know how much I adore them. After all, it’s the thought that counts and I know you put in a lot of effort!

3. I just cannot help but adore you when you help me apply nail paint to my toenails. Sweetest thing ever!

4. You get me breakfast in bed, even if it’s just juice out of the carton and a couple slices of butter toast. But I cannot tell you how special that makes me feel!

4 things that make me love you

5. You just know what’s going on in my head without me having to say a word.

6. You get me ice cream when I’m sad and cuddle with me in bed to cheer me up *dreamy eyes*

7. And, you rock my world in bed *wink*

7 things that make me love you

8. You never hesitate to carry my numerous shopping bags, and that’s just plain awesome!

9. You always let me have the last slice of pizza. Okay not always, but like most of the times!

10. I love it when I’m about to call you and you call me first. Some telepathy that is, eh?

10 things that make me love you

11. All those late night chaat trips you take with me when I don’t feel like sleeping.

12. Weirdly, I even adore you when you crack lame jokes (even if they are on me!) and pull my leg about something.

13. You always boost my confidence and help me regain my composure whenever I lose it.

13 things that make me love you

14. You make me smile even during the worst of times.

15. There are times when I vent out all my anger and frustration on you, and you just simply hug me to calm me down. I cannot tell you how lucky and grateful I feel!

16. You keep complaining that I take long to get ready, but you are the one who showers me with compliments when I’m finally done.

16 things that make me love you

17. You make weird faces at me from across the room when we are at a boring family function to make me laugh. And you just always know when we need to get out from there!

18. The way you’ve made my family your own is commendable. In fact, I think they love you more than they love me now!

19. I know you watch me sleep sometimes, and don’t worry, I think it’s cute and definitely not creepy *wink*

19 things that make me love you

20. You are always up for a weekend trip, and that’s the most amazing thing ever!

21. Your shoulder is my pillow, for a lifetime…

These are all the things that make me fall for you again and again, everyday! Just keep coming up with such cutesy things, and our marriage will always be a beautiful one!

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