Old Is Gold: These 90s Hair Accessories Are Making A Huge Comeback In 2018

Old Is Gold: These 90s Hair Accessories Are Making A Huge Comeback In 2018

In the 90s, hair accessories were a rage. You’d be thrilled to know that most of them are still trending today. One minute they can make you look vintage and sassy, the second minute they’re adding that oomph to your outfit. From bright coloured velvet scrunchies to glittery butterfly clips, these babies are back from the past to make a bold mane statement. Plus, teaming them up with quirky hairstyles will fetch you brownie points from your admirers. Tempted to scroll to the bottom? Awesome! Here are seven 90s hair accessories that are slayin’ it in 2018.  

1. That Chic Velvet Scrunchie


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We loved them before and we still love them today! Back then, we couldn’t stop stocking up on these pretty hair accessories. In fact, most of us owned them in different colours! A colour to match every occasion and outfit in our wardrobe. However, just like bobby pins, no matter how safely we store them, we still land up losing and buying more of them! #facepalm

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2. Cutesy Butterfly Clips


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Thinking of reliving your teenage years, ladies? Well, let these cute butterfly clips take you down memory lane! If you clip them on to your braid, you’ll look like a 90s diva all over again. Feel free to experiment with assorted coloured clips and try them out on new hairstyles.

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3. For The Love of Headband Scarves


Wearing this headband scarf to a party can totally give off boho vibes. Also, just because you’re wearing a bold hair accessory, you can play around with chunky jewellery too. Long, dainty earrings, round sunnies and maybe a little bit of lip gloss - and just like that, you’re sorted!

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4. Syd Pins For The Win


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The Syd pin is the perfect accessory to wear to a job interview or a formal gathering. While it looks gorgeous on low ponytails, you should try them with half buns and top knots too! Why don’t you give it a shot today?

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5. Floral Mania

Satin flowers are an accessory that will never go out of fashion. When these tiny floral decorations are glued to a velvet or mesh ribbon, you can easily wrap it around your sleek bun.

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6. Metallic Claw Clips


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A claw clip knows how to hold your hair together like no other hair accessory out there. They look good on both, messy and neat hair. To make the metallic clip stand out even further, opt for basic and pastel coloured outfits.

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7. The Wide Clip Beauty

If you’re in a hurry, you can either use a clip like this to hold a ponytail or you can use it as a hair accessory of a sophisticated braid. This clip may be tiny in size, but it sure makes your mane the focus of attention.

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