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#BeautyDiaries: This Is What Happened When I Waxed My Back Instead Of Shaving!

#BeautyDiaries: This Is What Happened When I Waxed My Back Instead Of Shaving!

I know women who wax their arms, legs, tummy and bikini line, but only a few of them take their back into consideration. I’m one of them. Blame it on genetics, I get my back waxed once every alternate month. Initially, I used to shave my back, but after the cuts and burns, I’ve switched to waxing. I remember the first time I waxed my back.

It was 3 years ago.

I had picked up this pretty pink sari with a purple backless blouse for my sister’s sangeet. Obviously, before purchasing it I hadn’t thought it through. A low blouse sari would look gorgeous with a clean back. It was only after a day before the sangeet the thought of waxing my back occurred to me.

Just below my building, across the road, there’s a tiny beauty parlour. The ladies who work there are like family to me. From grooming my brows to giving my nails the neatest pedis ever, they’re professionals at what they do. Hence, it was only obvious for me to trust them with waxing my back too.

At first, they found it weird that I had asked them to wax my back instead of my arms and legs. The parlour lady asked me to undress. She then placed a bed sheet over the lower half of my body. Dimming the lights, she slowly moved her chair towards me. The wax heater was on and she then used a metal applicator to spread the hot, gooey wax on my back.

The moment the strip touched my skin, I immediately sprang up. It hurt so bad that I wanted to abandon the session ASAP. Even if I had to live with a clean patch on my back, I was fine with it. It took all four ladies working in the parlour to calm me down (and some green tea). After much motivation, I gave it another try. This time, I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

In less than 20 minutes, I was done! Yes, my back did feel smooth and soft, but the first waxing experience made it go red and itchy. I applied a moisturiser soon after to soothe the burn. This method is good for a quick fix with long-term results. However, it’s not for the fainthearted. If you can’t handle the pain, don’t do it. Instead, stick to shaving.

At the sangeet, my back looked great in my attire. The pain faded away and all that was left was smooth and supple skin. Between intervals, I kept applying the cream on my back so that my skin wouldn’t get irritated against the sticky fabric. Here’s how it looked (Yes, I had short hair back then *Wink*)


Till today, I wax my back. I think it’s much better when I let the professionals take care of it. For my hands and legs, I stay loyal to the razor. I think it’s quick and comparatively less painful as compared to waxing. If you prefer shaving too, here’s a tip - for a smooth shave, always apply shampoo or coconut oil to your skin before using a razor.

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Speaking for waxing, what’s your first every waxing experience? Tips, emotions, products - feel free to share! I’m all ears.

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