11 Funny & Sweet Texts To Send Him On Your One Month Anniversary!

11 Funny & Sweet Texts To Send Him On Your One Month Anniversary!

I know, I know, one month anniversaries can be such a drab! But they're a milestone, nonetheless. Sometimes you just need to celebrate these tiny moments in a relationship to be smiling through hard times. Now, you might not be the type to celebrate monthly anniversaries on a large scale (I know I'm not!) but you can still drop your partner a text full of mush and wish him a happy one month of love and happiness! Here are a few texts to get you started.

1. 'Wow, it's only been a month? Feels like I have known for all my life!'

Start with a bit of sugar sticky sweet love!

1 one month anniversary texts

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2. 'Happy one month babe, only 11 more months before we can put this on Instagram!'

Let's just admit we really want to Instagram it!

3. 'I never doubted we'd make it past one month. Now, three months, that's what I am worried about!'

A little joke never hurt anyone!

4. 'If you'll be my good morning, I'll be your good night. Happy one month, baby!'

Be the sunset to his sunrise... if you know what we mean! *wink*

4 one month anniversary texts

5. 'Happy I-know-it's-lame-to-celebrate-anniversaries-but-I-am-doing-it-anyway day! I love you to the moon and back!'

Sometimes it's just better to be honest... and hilarious!

6. 'On this day last month, I decided you are the person who annoys me the least. Happy anniversary!'

It was a sea full of annoying fishes so you had to choose one!

7. 'Today is just another day to celebrate the best decision you ever made!' 

Add a hair flip GIF as your mic drop moment!

7 one month anniversary texts

8. 'We should be giving the Pulitzer for surviving a month together, just saying. Happy anniversary!'

Love is hard work. In fact, every month deserves a standing ovation.

9. 'You're my sun, moon, stars... and all that other mushy shit. Happy one month anniversary!'

You're just everything to me, okay?!

10. 'You know I never sweat the small stuff... I always make them a BIG deal. Here's to another one of those, happy one month anniversary!'

The bigger, the better!

10 one month anniversary texts

11. 'Here's to a full month of us not questioning the idea of love.'

In today's day and age, that's one hell of an achievement!

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