8 Random Things That Can Surprisingly Make Your Husband Jealous - Ladies, Take Note!

8 Random Things That Can Surprisingly Make Your Husband Jealous - Ladies, Take Note!

It doesn’t matter how secure your relationship is, there are certain things wives do that can make their husbands utterly jealous. While some of these come as a surprising shock, others are so outright, they cannot be hidden for long. I’m sure I made you wonder- how to make your partner jealous? Gottcha!

How To Make Husband Jealous & Check If He Still Cares?

Jealousy is also a part of love and it will be actually a fun ride to see how your partner reacts. So wanna know how to make your loved one jealous? It’s not that difficult actually with these 8 simple ways! So the things that can teach you how to make your husband jealous are mentioned right below. Read on to find out!

1. Laughing at another guy’s jokes

Laughing at another guy’s wise cracks can drive your man crazy. Men take a lot of pride in their sense of humour and seeing their woman enjoying and giggling at some other man’s joke is not something they can take well.


2. Girls night out

It is not that they don’t trust you, they are just concerned about a random guy that might be hitting on you. Their possessiveness comes in a form of jealousy here.

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3. Male best friend

Truth be told, no man is ever going to be 100% secure of your male best friend. Period. Don’t be surprised if he passes a snarky comment at your bestie.


4. Appreciating other men

The next time you are appreciating your male colleague from work and your husband gives you a fake smile, know the reason behind it. He is jealous of you appreciating some other man doing something nice for you.

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5. Celebrity crushes

Seeing his wife going crazy over celebrities can make any man uncomfortable. No wonder most men hate Ryan Gosling!


6. Friends over him

If he doesn’t like your friends and you always take their side over his, then he is really going to go crazy about it. You’ll could have been friends for long, but hear him out, do not just neglect his point of view.

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7. Texting all the time

Just like his football matches don’t go well with you, your constant texting while he is with you will make him feel neglected and definitely, very jealous!


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8. Remember, he loves you!

Regardless of these teeny tiny jealousy pangs, he loves you. Always remember, men also have a hidden ‘drama king’ inside them. Therefore, proper dialogue between the two of you is important.

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