POPxo Exclusive: 'Hansa Parekh' Talks To Us About 'Khichdi Returns' & Much More!

POPxo Exclusive: 'Hansa Parekh' Talks To Us About 'Khichdi Returns' & Much More!

What do you call a happy Friday? Well, for different people it would be different things. For me, it happens to be the fact that I got to talk to Supriya Pathak AKA our very own 'Hansa Parekh' from Khichdi! But, Pathak is a lot more than just her role in the television serial that thrilled every Indian household for two good years!

Some of her stellar roles have been as the beautiful Bhavana in Masoom, wherein she was cast opposite Naseeruddin Shah; and the vivacious Sheena in Shahenshah, in which she played the role of Amitabh Bachchan's bubbly sister. Lately, we remember her for her role as the intimidating Dhankor Baa! No matter what the role may be, Pathak has played the part to perfection! It's no wonder that she is one of the most celebrated actors of our industry, to this date! Loved by all, she is an epitome of grace and awesomeness. She is an actor par excellence for every generation and I can say this with conviction because as a kid, I used to adore her and honestly, not much has changed even after 15 years. In conversation with her, we spoke about Khichdi Returns which has the country excited, once again, amongst other things and her responses have made me fall in love with her...all over again! 

1. If not an actor, what would you be?

I always wanted to be a dancer. I was studying for my Masters of Arts Degree, majoring in dance as my main subject. So, I would have been an educationist, I feel.

2. You’ve been in the industry for decades; but, people still love you for your role as 'Hansa Parekh' in Khichdi. What would you say about that?

I think people have been very kind to me and they have loved me in whatever I have done. But 'Hansa' is one character that even I adore and so, I understand why people love her so much. I think Hansa is a fabulous person and I enjoy every minute of playing that role. So, I do feel very happy and proud that people feel this way for me and I am so so grateful to them that they love me so much. I am really happy being a part of their lives.

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3. How did 'Khichdi' happen?

Well, I have known Aatish (Kapadia) and JD (Jamnadas Majethia) for a long time. They were young boys when they had come to me. That time I was playing one of the characters in Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka which was one of the first daily soaps ever in India. That's when I met them as I had taken a break from work when my daughter was born. That's when they asked me to do one of the roles in Khichdi (either Jayshree, or Hansa) and I found Hansa very fascinating. So, I picked that as I loved the script. The first script was absolutely amazing and I wanted to be a part of it immediately.

4. Why have the makers decided to go ahead with the second version of 'Khichdi' now?

I think we all have been missing Khichdi for a very long time now. Everywhere I went, everyone asked us to come back with it. And when we had stopped Khichdi, we had said that we will be coming back with it; but, it took really long. People were wanting to see us all back and we were wanting to come back, too. So, yes! We're very happy that we're back.

5. Who is your favourite 'Khichdi' character?

 Hansa! *laughs*

6. What is the new element in 'Khichdi Returns'?

Oh! That you'll have to see and tell me what you like. I think we're as happy as we were and hope to make people as happy as they were when they saw us!

7. How will Khichdi Returns be different from the original segment?

No, I think the basic characters are still the same; but, it's been put into a different context. You will have to see it to know it because I will not be able to define it for you. But, basically we're the same characters. That's the USP of Khichdi. They're timeless characters and can be anywhere. I hope all my audiences will watch it and react to it. 

8. Khichdi has remained one of the best a family TV shows in  the country. So, what is your message to every Indian family?

I just feel that we all live in so much stress and so everybody seems to be really worried. Please just watch Khichdi Returns and be happy and enjoy yourself for that little time. I hope and pray that we are being able to do that. All our team has always wanted to bring a smile on your face would like you to be unstressed when you see us. So, watch us and de-stress yourselves!

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9. What have been some your most iconic roles so far, according to you?

I personally feel I have done a lot of them in my own way. When I started, I did Kalyug which was a very nice role. Then I did Baazar which is a fabulous film and my character was very important. It tackled a problem that was very important to deal with that time. I did all kinds of roles and every character that I have done, I have made sure I put in my best and make sure it has something. I believe that I have tried to pick roles that communicate something to the audience. So, a few of my roles have not really been iconic; but, very important is what I would say.

10. Where else can we expect to see you except khichdi returns now?

One of my films has just released on Netflix called Love Per Square Foot and I have about two releases this year. One is called Blame It On Sanju (tentatively) and second is Arzee and not to forget Khichdi Returns.