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Curvy Girls, Rejoice: Spring Dresses To Flaunt What Your Mamma Gave Ya!

When life throws you curves, you show them off. If you’re a curvy girl, you are truly blessed. With the weather getting hotter by the second, it’s obvious that spring has hit in full force. And like clockwork, there’s one sartorial item that comes to mind: the dress. If you’re wondering what that’s got to do with you, here’s the thing: dresses are the best thing that could’ve happened to curvy girls, myself included. Yup, no other garment shows off your beautiful curves like a summery dress does.

Just thinking of all the different silhouettes and prints, I’m tempted to go on a dress binge RN. So, I’m going to share the wealth and tip you girls off about the best summer finds online. And not just your average summer dresses, dresses that help you own your curves and flaunt what your momma gave you! Don’t hold back, ‘cause this is your season, curvy girls. Here goes:

Published on Mar 26, 2018
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