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These 10 Slogan 'PMS' T-shirts Are All You Need. Period.

When ‘that time of the month’ comes around, it’s hard to explain what sorcery goes down in my uterus. I say sorcery because no one can explain how I get borderline personality disorder for four days, thanks to my period. This basically explains it, doesn’t it?


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No, apparently the physical pain we, as womankind, have to go through, is not enough. Mood swings are a mandatory tag-along. TBH, the first day tells me what I need to know: I’m not pregnant. While I’m most thankful for the confirmation, the rest of it (the pain, the PMSing and oh, the bloating) is sort of unnecessary.

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You’re not exactly a people person during your period… Rather than waste precious energy to warn those around you, you wished there was another way. We feel your pain, sister, that’s why the POPxo app is launching a special feature to make your days easier. Stay tuned for the big launch on April 2, 2018.  

Meanwhile, fashion girls, why not wear your mood and at the same time warn people? ‘Coz menstruation is no joke. Period. While I bask in the glory of that magnificent pun, check out these comfy slogan T-shirts that sum up your mood (swings) while you’re chumming:

Published on Mar 27, 2018
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