Exchange, Return And Refund: Your Guide To Shopping Right!

Exchange, Return And Refund: Your Guide To Shopping Right!

Oops!... You Did It Again. You only meant to tag along with a friend for some window shopping but that halter dress looked mighty fine on the mannequin to just be ignored. Sure you tried it on at the store but buyer’s remorse doesn’t take too long to set in and now you’ve got to return it. It might not even fit you that well since in your excitement you didn’t try it in the store. We all have been in this pickle at one point or another, whether we want to return a new dress that isn’t what you were looking for.

Every store has its own return policy and while online websites are comparatively lenient when it comes to returns, physical stores can get a bit tricky. Since you hide behind a screen while making your case for the return, it is best that you keep a few pointers in mind before heading back to the store. You need to work smart, then hard, with store returns. And just like tax returns, if you botch it, you're probably going to lose money on a done deal!     

1. The Garment Care Instructions

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Be honest, how many of you have actually looked at the garment care labels on your shirts and dresses? Cuz’ if you had, you wouldn't be heading out to return a shirt that disintegrated under the heat of an iron. If you have ignored any directions on this label it is your fault and chances are you won’t be getting your money back! But if that cardigan that wasn't supposed to shrink in the wash but did it anyway, you are going to have a good day!

2. Keep Your Reason Genuine & Simple

Having experience working in retail I can testify to one thing, most (maybe even all) of the store staff can see through you. They can tell the difference between a buyer and a browser, so chances are they will see through your elaborate lie of why you want to return a sweater. Keep your reason realistic, keep it in the ballpark of bad fitting or uncomfortable fabric, most stores will help you with the return to maintain their goodwill.   

3. Try To Locate The Tags And/Or The Receipts

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A smart shopper never throws away the receipts, at least until they are absolutely sure about the buy. If you do end up removing the tags and/or losing the receipt, the items will have to be in perfect condition, with a store staff willing to vouch for you about the purchase. A great trick that I like to use is do all my shopping payment by card, that way I will always have a digital receipt with me to use in scenarios like these.

4. The Garment Should Not Show Signs Of Wear

Whether still new or a bit worn out the items you’re returning should not show any signs of wear. Check the garment for obvious stains like sweat, dirt and scuffs. Pay close attention to the clothing bends on your knees, elbows, butt etc. These spots can get wrinkles and creases, so smooth those narcs out! While you are at it, turn the clothes over and check for makeup stains, since that is what the store staff is going to do while examining the garment.

5. Always Have The Ribbon Loops Intact

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As annoying as these things can get, don’t rush into removing them from your tops and dresses. These hanger ribbons are usually the first thing they will check and if they are missing you might be denied the return. Remove them once you know for sure that want to keep your purchase most definitely.

6. Talk Out Your Options With The Manager

Every store has its own return policy. Even if the cashier has refused to take your purchases right away, you can always ask for the store manager to take out some alternate options. Many stores will take back half of your items at the current selling price or just give you a 50% store credit instead to taking back the item, there are always some ways you can fix the situation. Store managers are given the authority to make those decisions so it's better to approach them with your problem.

7. Be Courteous And Reasonable

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Trust us when we say this, stores suffer as much as you when they have to do returns. From updating the inventory to putting the returned item back in rotation can become quite a chore, so it’s always helpful if you be reasonable with them. Returning items can be awkward as it is, don’t make it worse by causing a scene at the store. Especially when it a store that you like and visit often, being labelled as a troublemaker can ruin the vibe the next time you shop there!

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