‘I Am A Sex Addict And…’ 10 People Share!

‘I Am A Sex Addict And…’ 10 People Share!

Most of us dream about making out with our partners all the time and think of ourselves as addicts. But very few people realise that sex addiction is actually a very real problem. Not only does it ruin relationships, your need to constantly have sex also messes with your self-esteem and self-respect. And like any other addiction, you're bound to fall off the wagon sometime. But what if you are with somebody at that point in time? Do you cheat or do you resist? Well, we found a thread on the Whisper app about sex addiction and here are some confessions.

1. Self-esteem issues are bound to come up!

1 sex addiction

2. We all know a thing or two about secrets...

2 sex addiction

3. Thoughts in public about sex are never a good idea!

3 sex addiction

4. When more isn't enough!

4 sex addiction

5. Single life is especially hard!

5 sex addiction

6. The conflict is very real...

6 sex addiction

7. To commit or not to commit!

9 sex addiction

8. No addiction is ever good

7 sex addiction

9. A truly difficult situation

8 sex addiction

10. A constant reminder may work

10 sex addiction

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