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Going For A Rishta Meeting? 15 Signs That Scream - Get Up & RUN!

Going For A Rishta Meeting? 15 Signs That Scream - Get Up & RUN!

You’ve been to a rishta meeting, haven’t you? Or, you have heard stories from a friend or a colleague, and you know these don’t always end with a happily ever after. While some people find their special one, others are not so lucky. But there are many red flags that you should keep an eye out for to make sure you realise this sooner than later. Talk to the guy and the family and you’ll see that the more they talk, the more they reveal. And for your help, we’ve got a comprehensive list of red flags you should watch out for during your rishta making. Read on...

1. If he's not paying attention to you

If he isn't engaged in the conversation and is focused elsewhere, it could mean only one thing: he just isn't that interested.

2. If his gestures scream he's bored

If you see him yawn, or stretching out to relax beyond what is romantic, it’s a clear indication that he is bored. Open, attentive, and engaged body language always shows more interest.

3. If he's talking about his ex

If he's constantly talking about his ex, he is probably still hung up on her. If her name continuously comes up, along with things they did or shared together.

Kill me now

4. The clichéd question: Will you continue your job?

Run as soon as he asks this, or its variant. This is a sign that he will never stand by your career aspirations.

5. When he is looking for a masterchef in you

You may be a good chef, but if he's looking for a full-time chef in you to whip up culinary masterpieces, he's definitely not The One.

6. When he’s constantly over the phone

Too many WhatsApp texts? Too many giggles? If he's more into his phone rather than making eye contact and listening, well, you have your answer there.


7. When he is disrespectful to others

Always judge a person by how he treats people, especially, the ones who are offering a service like waiting on him at the restaurant or giving a parking ticket. If he whistles or goes 'Oye', run. Run as fast as you can.

8. If he comments on your clothes

If he asks, “What kind of clothes do you like?”, it may be harmless. But if he gives you lessons on what you should wear, it’s not a point in his favour.


9. If he nitpicks on small things

Watch closely for things that irritate him, but shouldn’t really be his concern. Is he too impatient or does he get restless about the smallest of things?

10. If he agrees to everything his family says--good or bad

A family man is what you need in your life, but a man who doesn’t stand up for himself may never stand up for you. He can be shy and may not be the greatest talker, but if he's just nodding agreeably to every word his parents say, then, Bhag Milkha Bhag!


11. If he’s curious about your past

Yes! There might be instances where you may come across a guy who seems to be more interested in your past than you actually are. If he's asking you about your relationships, your boyfriends, your sexual life… You are over it, but clearly he is not!

12. If he asks you how much you make

If you are being questioned about how much money you make, we suggest you humorously say, "Hey, not enough man, why? You got an offer?". But no, on a serious note at the very first meeting if that question pops up, it’s a definite red flag for you!

13. If he is checking you out head to toe

If his eyes are wandering below the neck, if he’s constantly staring at your lady parts or checking you out creepily, you know what to do.


14. If he or his family hints about dowry

Let’s be honest you will be bumped with some outrageous and indirect ways for dowry. While some come prepared with a list of things they can ask for in exchange of their son’s qualification, others hint at it with ‘aapki beta ke liye’. That should drop a red flag!

15. If he dominates the conversation

If he doesn't listen to you at all. If he's dominating the conversation with what he wants in his partner, without letting you get a word in between. You definitely don’t want a partner where you can’t voice your opinion or have a healthy conversation where your words are given equal importance!

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Published on Mar 21, 2018
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