10 Questions All Husbands Have About Periods... But Never Ask!

10 Questions All Husbands Have About Periods... But Never Ask!

What's the difference between periods and PMS? A common dilemma that strikes most husbands when they have to deal with the mood swings of their better halves. Periods get a little tricky for men to talk about, sometimes between newly married couples too. It's a difficult topic for men and a lot of aspects about it still remains a mystery to them. It’s not that it doesn’t interest them or they don’t need that information, but they are wary to ask. Most guys are pretty clueless when it comes to the way a woman’s body functions. Here are the eight most common questions all husbands have about periods but never ask.

1. How long does it last?

To be honest, this question is a polite way of asking, 'when can we have sex again?'  So, here's the answer - it normally lasts about 5-6 days. But the human body is a complicated thing and it's possible to experience an ebb and flow in the bleeding. So, yes the answer would vary from 5-7 days.

2. How bloody does it get?

A woman loses 30-80 ml of blood throughout a whole period. But again, every woman is different and so is her cycle. So on heavy bleeding days, things can get a bit serious.

3. How do you get to know?

Normally women know their days of the month. It's a cyclic process so usually it arrives after a certain interval but its time table isn’t set in stone, sometimes it can arrive early or late. Watch out for the mood swings and cramps, that's normally the best indicator.

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4. What happens on Day 1?

It's the worst day. The start of the period usually sees the heaviest flows and the worst cramps. So, don't even try to irritate a woman on her first day. The results could be devastating.

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5. How bad is the pain?

Again, this is something that differs from woman to woman. Some blessed ones hardly feel any cramps, while some experience pain that is not too severe and then there are times when the cramps are so murderous, it feels like someone is continuously punching you in the gut. Yes, it's that bad!

6. How uncomfortable is wearing a pad?

It's not that uncomfortable because women get used to it. Normally, it becomes a part of your routine so it doesn't make you feel any different. However, it the quality of the pad is bad, it irritates the hell out of you. And if it isn’t worn properly, it can move around a lot which is not only mighty annoying but can also lead to embarrassing stains.

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7. Can we have sex?

Yes, we can. But it would be messy. It's a tricky thing, on one hand, women don't want any kind of contact during this phase but also, they feel extremely turned on. The best thing is, let the woman see if she’s up for it and follow her lead.

8. How can we help?

Don't do anything to annoy her and definitely don't start a fight. Basically, don't do anything that would add more misery to her situation. Buy her chocolate, play her favourite movie and just offer up your shoulder for her to lean on. Trust us, this is the best way to be the best husband ever!

9. Why the leeway?

A question husbands are really scared to ask would be the leeway given to their mood swings on their periods. Why do you get to be mad once a month while I need to keep the stuff together every day?

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10. What do you prefer? A pad or a tampon?

Well, it depends on the thickness and size of the pad. We do feel that little extra stuffing in our underwear, but a tampon is much more hassle-free as it doesn’t feel like anything, once inserted. It’s tiny and expands with time. It’s purely up to personal preference, some girls only use pads and feel uncomfortable inserting a tampon in, while others prefer the hassle-freeness of tampons and will never go back to using pads.

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