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Dear Future Husband, Here Are The 9 *Amazing* Qualities That Make You Worth The Wait!

Dear Future Husband, Here Are The 9 *Amazing* Qualities That Make You Worth The Wait!

Dear Future Husband,

Tall, dark and handsome doesn’t really sound as appealing as it did when I was a kid. Now, it’s more about who you really are as a person. I know that every girl out there, just like me, has a list of qualities that she wants to see in her future husband. And these are the things that make you worth the long wait! So, here’s my list of qualities that I hope to see in my Mr. Right! And a side note to all the ladies out there… If you do not have a list yet, then just refer to this one. And if you do, let me know how many of these were on your list too!

1. I want you to be patient and kind...

Not just when I’m PMSing, but at all other times too! I can be moody and I really want you to deal with me patiently! I promise I’ll do the same.

2. You HAVE to have a good sense of humour...

Come on, even if it’s sarcasm or slapstick humour, it’ll be good to have you around when I’m upset about work or just to lighten the mood, generally.

2 future husband

3. My parents too need to fall in love with you...

And my siblings, and my pet dog and just everybody who matters to me. I know it’s impossible to please everyone at the same time, but all I want is for you to have a friendly equation with everybody I care about. It’ll mean a lot to me!

4. Food is my first love, so...

I hope you understand that! And it’ll be awesome if food is your first love too! But hey, I never share my fries so you’ll have to make your peace with it.

5. Can we be friends first and a couple later? Thanks!

Yes, it sounds cliche and everything, but I want to be your friend first and wifey later. I want to be silly with you, have great conversations and go on crazy adventures. And for that it’s important that we share a great equation. Guess what, I’m even up for all those crazy drinking games.

5 future husband

6. I hope you’re okay with being my shopping partner for life...

I do not like missing a good sale, and shopping with someone just doubles the fun. I’ll obviously go out shopping with my girlies, but sometimes you’ve got to give me company. And don’t worry, we’ll both carry the shopping bags!

7. I need you to have your priorities set right...

Leave your work life at work, and your personal life at home… Checking an occasional work mail at home (and sending me a random romantic message while in office is fine), but it’ll be great if we could segregate our personal and professional lives from the beginning itself.

8. It’ll be great if you’re good in bed… *wink*

Be it cuddling on a lazy Sunday morning or having bed-breaking sex, you know what I mean, right?

8 future husband

9. We should be able to imagine a future together...

No fancy porch swings and gazing into the horizon for us, but yes, I really want you to be able to imagine a beautiful future with me!

So, are you the one I’m looking for?

And hey girlies… Do you know someone who fits the bill? If yes, then don’t let them go!!!

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Published on Mar 26, 2018
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