Don’t Let Your Period Come In The Way Of Your Dreams: Badminton Star PV Sindhu

Don’t Let Your Period Come In The Way Of Your Dreams: Badminton Star PV Sindhu

Motivation is our inner power fuel. When you’re inspired, it can be pure magic. You feel powerful and focused to work towards your goals and that determination can help you turn your dreams into reality, one step at a time. While self-doubt and the chaos of everyday life can sometimes be harmful to your spirit, for women, menstrual cycles—and the pain and discomfort that it is thereafter accompanied by—can lead to reduced levels of motivation. So, what do you do when you are on your period? Give up? Run far, far away from your goals? We say NO!

We are not alone in supporting this opinion. The first woman to win the silver medal in Olympics for our country, PV Sindhu shares the same belief. The ace badminton player, in association with Stayfree, is inspiring young girls all over the country to not give up on their dreams because of periods. PV Sindhu serves as the right role model because she started training and playing badminton at the age of eight. She always dreamed about representing India in badminton and turned her dream into reality by working hard and clocking in hours and hours of practice every day.

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The sports icon didn’t ever allow anything to come between her and her dreams. During sessions when she was on her periods, she worked harder and never excused herself. She never gave up because she had confidence in herself and Stayfree pads that provided her with long-lasting protection and no leakage. She’s an inspiration to any girl who wants to follow her passion.

We firmly believe that periods should never limit a girl in any way. No girl should ever have to skip school for five days when she is on her period and certainly not deny herself an education. Girls who love to play sports or dance should never have to miss a day of practice, fearing discomfort. We are all for turning our biology into our strengths, working hard towards achieving our goals and becoming forces to reckon with. So, bringing our lives to a stop for those three to five days is not an option.

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That’s why we are pledging our support to Stayfree’s #DreamsOfProgress, a campaign that emphasises that menstruation should never stop you from doing anything—whether it is playing a sport or going to work. PV Sindhu gives the same message saying, “Don't let periods hold you back. I trust Stayfree to make me feel comfortable to push that little extra even during period days. I would encourage you too to never hold back during periods.”

Your period can be managed effectively with the right menstrual products, like the Stayfree Secure Cottony Soft XL sanitary napkins that are designed to give you long-lasting protection and comfort during periods for up to 12 hours. These XL-sized pads can manage heavy flow without the fear of leakage, prevent rashes as they are made from soft and delicate material and also mark an end to the hassle of having to change your pad every two hours.

So, on the days when you are on your period and your body just won’t keep up, give yourself an extra push. Wake up, use the right menstrual products and get back to work. This attitude will amplify your work ethic, ignite that inner spark that you need to help propel you closer to your dreams. Fuel your motivation and don’t give up.

So, here’s a little video to give you all a glimpse of #DreamsOfProgress. Follow them on their Facebook and Instagram to be in solidarity with all the ladies!

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