#ClosetConfessions - POPxo Team Shares Their Fashion Workwear Bloopers!

#ClosetConfessions - POPxo Team Shares Their Fashion Workwear Bloopers!

Who doesn't like to be well dressed at work? But sometimes it feels like a chore. There are days when you are in a hurry and all one can think about is reaching work on time and that's when one encounters the fashion faux pas. Being in a rush could lead to you wearing crushed, soiled,  ill-fitted and sometimes even, not well thought out outfits (impractical) and all these things do give us the chuckles. Although it is considered bad to laugh at such mistakes, it's only human to do so - whether you make the mistake or laugh at it. So if you're in need of a good laugh we will give you your dose of one, as the POPxo teams confesses to all their fashion workwear bloopers.

1. The One Where The Jeans Tore

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It was one of those days when I wanted to wear something well-fitted to give my outfit a more structured look, so I decided to pull out my skinny jeans which were sure to get your heart racing. The moment I reached office and took my seat I heard the ripping sound and yes, my jeans tore from the most inappropriate spot. As luck would have it, my tee was long enough to cover this fashion blooper and that saved the day.

- Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

2. It Does Not Fit You Anymore, Girl!


We’re all fortunate enough to not have a dress code at work. Hence, I don’t have to make tough decisions in the morning. I had an old tee shirt which looked like a good option for me but turns out it was too tight. And with my early morning comfortable feeling, I wore it regardless. But with every meal, I just felt like it’s getting tighter and tighter. I was uncomfortable all day long and didn’t think it was one of the wisest decisions I ever made!

-- Krithika Kumar, Senior Features Writer

3. Is It Work Appropriate?

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We’re all pretty lucky to work in a place where nobody cares about what you wear. But still, there is a level of decency you need to maintain. Obviously, you can’t turn up wearing a plunging neckline or booty shorts. A few days ago, I was wearing a denim skirt that was, umm, of appropriate length. But as soon as I would sit down, it would ride up my thighs and barely cover anything. All through the day, I was so conscious of how I was sitting and if I was flashing someone. Denim skirts in office - not the brightest idea!

- Srishti Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer

4. One Too Many Layers

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When it comes to dressing for the office, I sometimes like to mix things around. Try new combinations that I know would not be appreciated (more likely made fun of) if I was stepping out with my friends or my mother. On one such morning, I picked up this jumpsuit with a cut-up back and to cover up the sexiness I added a long sheer jacketed dress. The result: a stellar two-piece that earned me some early morning compliments. Job well done, until I realised it was time to pee. The process required unbuttoning some 10 tricky cloth buttons, removing the dress, stripping off the jumpsuit and finally giving my bursting bladder a break. Lesson learnt: keep your jumpsuit simple, silly!  

- Akshita Nahar Jain, Fashion Editor

5. Think Before You Sneeze!

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It was the first day of my period (on a Monday no less.) It wasn't until I started feeling more wet than usual down there when I realised what had happened. I was wearing checked paperbag waist pants and there was a BIG red stain... right in the front. How did this happen, you ask? I sneezed really hard! Imagine water being released from a dam, yeah, that happened to my crotch that day. I quickly informed my boss, took a half-day and flitted off to home. Never sneezing again on my period.

- Sayunkta Jain, Senior Fashion Writer

We surely had a good laugh. Did you as well?