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8 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying The Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams!

8 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying The Engagement Ring Of Your Dreams!

Engagement rings are beyond the word special and so the last thing you hope for is to get it wrong. You strive really hard to pick that perfect design to impress her and let her know how special she is. It’s not just any ring, after all, you will have memories engraved for decades to come. And amidst all the excitement, it’s natural to make a mistake when making that big purchase. Fret not! We’ve got your back. Here we are with a list of mistakes you need to avoid to make a smart buy for your fiance. Read on to help select the perfect ring of her dreams.

1. Don’t get caught up with trends


Image: The Wedding Shades

Engagement rings are supposed be timeless. A classic symbol of your love that will last forever so don’t limit yourself to a particular trend at a particular season. Does she prefer minimal over statement rings? Take cues from her signature style statements and go for what suits her the best. It might vary from gold, platinum to diamonds.

2. Doing it alone is a bad idea

You may know what your partner likes, but you often tend to get confused after you see 100 other designs when you enter the store. It is advisable to take someone who has bitten the dust already or a female friend, for that matter who will help you pick the right one. Ask someone who is super close to her and has a clear idea about her likes and dislikes - you can’t go wrong with her bestie, mom or sister.

3. Size doesn’t matter or does it?


Image: Bright Photography

If you think going big with the size of the rock will impress her more then let us tell you, not all girls like it! There are girls who pay more attention to the small intricacies than the size of the diamond.

4. Keep it within your budget

Sticking to your original budget isn’t as hard as you think. Set a budget and don’t go beyond it because at the end of the day when you do propose to her, what will matter more are the emotions and words you say - those would be far more priceless than the ring itself.

5. Don’t shop online. Period.

BurnPixels NB-2

Image: Burn Pixels

You can buy clothes, shoes, and other accessories online but not your engagement ring. You will end up more confused and won’t be able to understand the size, the cut or the material and quality. Moreover, why get into that never-ending hassle of exchange and returns? You need to hold that ring and feel how special it is before you buy it!

6. Do not rush into it

Take your time in order to pay enough attention to every detail. It’s something which will bind you two for a lifetime, and you definitely don’t want to rush into it. In order to make a smart and wise purchase, do your bit of research and negotiation. If you want to customise it for your better half, or if there’s a particular design she’s always loved, discuss with the jeweller on how to get it made in your budget.

7. Get the right size in one shot


Image: The Wedding Shades

We know every store offers an exchange of size service but why bother? You don’t want an ill-fitting ring to dim the excitement of being proposed to. Take one of her rings as a reference, or take help from her sister or friend to let you know the right ring size in a smart way without letting her know.

8. Not paying much attention to GIA

This a mistake most men make and we request you not to. Certificate grading is one of the many important factors in your decision-making in order to make the best buy. Always make sure to take a look at the GIA to ensure better quality.

Featured Image: Wedding Nama

Published on Mar 22, 2018
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