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Something Sexy Is Cookin' In Miss Braganza's Kitchen!

Something Sexy Is Cookin' In Miss Braganza's Kitchen!

"Pass me the radishes!" I told Mr Braganza who was looking extremely sexy with a bare chest, finely chopping the tomatoes. I took the bag from his hand and got the radishes out. "Hey, you know what this looks like?" I teased Mr Braganza, holding one rather long radish out. He guffawed, "This is nothing like what it looks like, babe, you know that!" "Do I?" I questioned "Would you like me to show you what I am talking about?" he said, taking a few steps in my direction. "Don't you dare, B. We've just got three hours to cook this dinner!" I said turning away. 

"Oh, c'mon!" he pulled me close by the waist and planted a kiss on my lips, "A few seconds won't hurt." "Seconds, huh? That's a pity!" I replied. His lips swooped in so fast, I didn't even have time to control the gasp that escaped my lips. Picking me up, he made his way through the narrow corridor and into the living room. That was a good call, I thought, I wouldn't have wanted all that food to get spoilt in the kitchen. 

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"Let me take care of that for you!" he said, pulling the strings to my bathrobe. I smiled, "You always do, anyway." I replied in between another long kiss. Raking his hair with my fingernails, I started to feverishly kiss his neck and shoulders, as his warm hands made their way inside my underwear. 

I moaned and pulled down his pants, rubbing my toes against his entire length. Pushing me against the sofa, he spread my legs apart, holding my thighs with his hands and kissed my opening tenderly. And then again, with more enthusiasm. My hands gripped the quilt on the sofa as his pace increased and then his fingers joined his tongue. Need I remind you my man is a multi-tasker? 

The sofa was a mess by the time we were done and it definitely didn't last just a couple of seconds. In fact, in the end we were only left with two hours to wrap up all dinner preparations and get the place back to a socially acceptable state. But, like I always say, our climaxes are always worth the extra effort. *wink*

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