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Genius Make-up Tricks That'll Make Your Nose Look Slimmer

Genius Make-up Tricks That'll Make Your Nose Look Slimmer

While you may never be completely satisfied with the way you look, we encourage you to love yourself for who you are. We've all had issues with the size of our nose or the shape of our face. It's normal, happens to the best of us! Don't let these insecurities get the best of you. There's something so alluring about self-confidence and you should rock what your mama gave you. For days you feel a little less self-loving, there's always make-up! 

There are so many ways you can alter your appearance and make a bold statement with make-up. One of these amazing little hacks is fondly called contouring. Contouring adds definition and depth to your features giving you the ability to make your nose look smaller or your chin look wider! Even without make-up, using a few simple tips and tricks you can totally make a difference in the way your face looks. Talking specifically about your nose, it's pretty easy to create an illusion of a smaller nose with and without make-up. If you've ever felt like your nose is too flat or too short, here's how you can make a difference to the way it looks. Use these hacks to make your nose look slimmer instantly! Check em' out.

1. The Right Way Of Contouring

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After using your foundation you may find that your face looks flat. Adding colour can definitely add more definition. Contour the sides as well as the bump of your nose. Make sure you add a little bit of highlight on the bridge of your nose and it'll look smaller instantly! Finish by using a blush on the apples of your cheek. 

2. Map Your Brows

The gap in between your eyebrows can also make your nose look slimmer. A narrow brow gap gives the impression of a smaller nose and a wider gap will give the impression of a wider nose. Use some brow pomade and fill your brows in closer to one another and see how it will instantly give the illusion of a smaller nose.

3. Shift Focus On Other Features

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Drawing attention to some of your other features can instantly give you a different look. Try adding some highlights to your hair or taking up your eye game with some mascara and eyeliner! The basic point here is you want to draw attention away from your nose, away from the centre of your face. This will allow people to focus on other features.

We would love to know which one of these tricks worked for you!