Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are Some Common Make-up Mistakes That Could Make You Look Older!

Dear Bride-To-Be, Here Are Some Common Make-up Mistakes That Could Make You Look Older!

It’s your big day and you are wearing a gorgeous lehenga, all decked up in the most beautiful jewellery, and your hairdo is doing all the talking. Now all that’s left to finish your look is a touch of make-up. Sometimes, it happens that we have things go awry in our beauty game and the make-up ends up making us look older. But on your wedding day, you can’t have this faux pas. So, we have the ultimate do’s and don’ts guide to ensure that you look young and flawless as you walk down the aisle.

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1. Applying too much of concealer or foundation

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The very first thing you go wrong with is the amount of concealer you use in order to get that perfect matte and even-toned look. As it’s said, less is more. If you put a lot of concealer on your face to hide your wrinkles and pigments, it will make you look older. For best results, use liquid concealers as they make your skin look natural.

2. Overdoing your lower lashes

Putting dark mascara and eyeliner on the lower lashes and lids will shift everyone’s attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. You definitely don’t want that! So, keep it light and soft with pencil liners, instead of liquid liners that are heavy and make your lids conscious.

3. Picking a wrong lipstick shade

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Lately, nude shades and muted pinks have taken over the dark shade lipsticks that make your lips look thinner. So, flaunt your tone with the nudes and pastels and you’ll look much younger.

4. Applying blush on the wrong area

Wait! Are you applying the blush to the hollow of your cheeks? Please, don’t! That’s a common mistake which most women do and end up looking way older than they actually are, as it makes your fine lines even more visible. You always apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Quick tip: Go for the liquid blush instead of the powder one.

5. Too much shimmer

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It’s never a good idea to apply too much of shimmer on your eyes because it makes them look crinkled. Instead, use a light eye shadow and add that oomph to your look.

6. Highlighting your eyebrows too much

Do you really need to highlight your eyebrows? If yes, then avoid using too intense colours as an eyebrow highlighter. A lighter toned eyebrow pencil than your natural eyebrow colour will give you the much desired results you want and make you look young and edgy.

7. Not overdrawing the natural lip borders

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Aside from making your pout look fuller, lining your lips helps prevent your lipstick from getting smudged. And, it also defines your lips and also adds more volume to them. So, always shade the lining in the direction of centre of the lips.

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