11 Failsafe Lehenga Dos & Don’ts For That Perfect Twirl On Your Instagram!

11 Failsafe Lehenga Dos & Don’ts For That Perfect Twirl On Your Instagram!

Why do you go to weddings? No, answer me honestly! For food? Well, that’s not in your control. For the DJ? That’s not in your control either. For that “mandatory wedding post”? Now you’re talking! We’ve all been wearing lehengas since we were probably four. But still, something or the other goes wrong with that picture. Here are 11 failsafe tips on lehenga dos and don’ts to get maximum likes on your Instagram post.

1. Know Your Heel Height

One of the first things to keep in mind should be - how long you want your lehenga skirt to be. And while you’re at it, how tall should your heels be. It shouldn’t be too long that you’re not able to walk. At the same time, make sure your pinkie is covered. Ideally, it should just about glaze (not sweep) the floor for that perfect gram-worthy twirl.

2. Dupatta Dos & Don’ts: Pin It Win It!


Whichever way you want to style your dupatta please, oh, please make sure you pin it to your blouse (and if necessary, to your lehenga skirt.) This way, you’ll win the battle against the sliding dupatta and all the possibilities of tripping over will be reduced too. Haven’t we all been there?

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3. Time For Your Bra-mitzvah

Yes, getting a padded blouse stitched is the easiest way around, but if ‘not wearing a bra’ gives you the hibbie jibbies, then ask your masterji to add hook-and-eye bra loops inside the shoulder part of your blouse. They will keep the bra strap from making random appearances. And make sure you wear the right bra underneath according to your blouse design. More on that in point 5.

4. Nadas > Elastic


If you’re a person who prefers dance over dal makhani at weddings, then you know the importance of having a drawstring fastening in your lehenga skirt. However heavy the fabric is, a nada (drawstring) can hold it better than elastic. If you prefer the latter, go for a lightweight fabric and fewer flares. You don’t want your lehenga skirt to slide down as you shake it on the floor.

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5. How Deep is Your Blouse

An elegant way of flaunting that sexy back without looking malicious is to know when to stop with the cuts and slits. It’s all about being comfortable. If you’re not, don’t opt for plunging necklines or deep backs just because everyone is doing it.

6. Jewellery: Don’t Wear Everything You Own


Unless you’re the bride, of course! If your lehenga is heavily embroidered, opt for dainty jewellery that’s simple, not shouty. Weddings are not for showing off how much jewellery you have in your locker. Example, if wearing statement danglers, avoid wearing a necklace. If wearing a maang tikka, avoid wearing a heavy nose ring. Keep it real, not OTT.

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7. The Ethics of Embroidery

Opt for one type of embroidery and let that be the focus all over. If your blouse is heavily detailed, drape your dupatta in a style that it doesn’t hide your embroidery. Likewise, make sure your long locks are not coming in the way. Try a half-tie or a pretty hairstyle that will bring out your look without compromising on the time you spent to get ‘the perfect blouse.’ If you like to let your hair loose, get the sleeves embroidered instead.

8. Skin Show: How Much Is Too Much


We all have, at some point, dreamt of a lehenga with ‘Kareena wala backless blouse’. Back, midriff or cleavage - choose one body part that you want to flaunt and keep the rest low-key. There’s a fine line between scandal and sanskaar, and apparently, its the cut on your blouse. Although, don’t wear a full-sleeved blouse with a high neck and a high-waisted lehenga either; it will be a disaster! The key is to balance your look.

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9. Even Clouds Have A (Silver) Lining

It’s important to choose the right colour, the right fabric and the right length of the lining for your lehenga. Plus, that’s what is going to be touching your skin the most whether on your lehenga skirt or blouse. So if it’s not well stitched, the fabric is prickly, or the embellishments are poking you then you’re not going to be super comfy and the entire experience is not going to go down well. And we don’t want that, do we?

10. Wearing One Colour Head To Toe


You really shouldn’t match everything to the colour of your lehenga. That's a fashion disaster! Keep your accessories or your footwear or your clutch, neutral. You can even colour-contrast your jewellery. Example, if you’re wearing a red lehenga, opt for jewellery with emeralds and footwear that has gold or beige tones.

11. Don’t Be Scared Of The Inch Tape

Don’t do this to yourself because it’s going to end up looking really awkward. Don’t give your old blouse or lehenga skirt to the tailor for size reference. You may lose or gain weight between this time. At the same time, don’t suck in your stomach when the inch tape comes out. Get yourself properly measured to ensure a flattering fit at the shaadi.

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