These Layered Haircuts For Wavy Hair Will Redefine Your #IWokeUpLikeThis Moments

These Layered Haircuts For Wavy Hair Will Redefine Your #IWokeUpLikeThis Moments

Take it from a girl who has unruly, moody hair - wavy hair is a boon! It's the easiest to style, it takes minimal effort to make wavy hair go from drab to fab. Finding the right haircut is honestly all you need to wake up to a perfect head of (styled) hair. Take the plunge and go chop-chop, your #IWokeUpLikeThis moment is much closer than you think. Layering makes everything look more put together. These 7 amazing haircuts will breathe new life into your wavy hair!

1. Layered and LIT!

A shoulder-length haircut with lots of layers will give your hair a lot of natural volume and bounce. Add some highlights to the ends and your hair to give each layer more dimension. Just brush your hair and scrunch with or without product it while it air dries and we promise, you'll have the envious sunkissed locks. 

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2. One Length Only

A choppy haircut will give the ends of your hair a messy, distressed vibe. This sort of a haircut keeps your layers closer to the ends of your hair. If you're worried about adding bulk with too many layers or losing length - this is your go-to! If you fancy hair colour, a balayage looks great with this kind of haircut.

3. Layers All The Way!


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This haircut will add oodles of layers and volume to your hair. This is definitely a layered haircut you can consider if you have fine, limp hair. You can wash your hair and be out the door without worrying about a blow dry or heat styling. Just add some curl cream and scrunch up the ends and let your hair air-dry. We love the BBlunt High Definition Curl Defining Leave In Cream (Rs 510)

4. Asymmetrical Bob 


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You can't ever go wrong with a bob. An asymmetrical bob will be shorter at the nape of your neck and longer in the front. It's the easiest haircut to style and maintain if you're a girl on the go. Just get a haircut every 2 months or so. Curly, wavy or straight you'll be giving everyone major hair goals! 

5. Bangs And Messy Hair


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There's something really fun about bangs, they make you look younger and honestly, more fun. This hairstyle is all about choppy layers, the messier the better. Add some bold hair colour and you're going to make heads turn! If you have really thick hair, this haircut is a great way to take some of that weight off.

6. Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs look stunning on thick hair, they draw attention to your eyes. These bangs look great on all lengths. You can dress up your face with a pair of sunnies or some cat eyeliner. Take the plunge, you won't regret it! 

7. Sideswept Bangs

Sideswept bangs with a pixie cut is a great way to make your haircut look more feminine. Sideswept bangs frame your face and look great on practically everyone. If you have particularly wavy hair, opt for bangs that follow the natural flow of your hair. If you're feeling a bit unsure about the bangs being too overpowering, start at your nose and work downwards. This will make the bangs flow in more naturally with your hairstyle.