'Beta, Your Jeans Are Torn': Maybe It's Time To Move On From Ripped Jeans!

'Beta, Your Jeans Are Torn': Maybe It's Time To Move On From Ripped Jeans!

Denim jeans are evergreen and no matter what they will never leave our fashion calendars. It has come a long way since the 19th century. Initially, ripped jeans evolved as wear and tear of clothes, but it was only in early 2000's that distressed jeans became a fashion favourite.

Currently, we are all obsessing over the ripped denim trend, be it skinny, cropped, mom or boyfriend jeans. And there's no denying that we've all heard unnecessary comments like "tumhari jeans phati hui hai", at least once while sporting the trend. Thanks, mom, I can see that! 

If it is casual or streetwear, there is a high chance that the first outfit option that could strike you would be ripped jeans with a slogan tee. It seems like un-ripped jeans have become a fashion rarity. So much so that finding a pair of plain blue denim is a rarity.  So could it be said that are ripped jeans replacing the classic denim jeans?

B-town celebs just can't seem to have enough of it and the fact gets reiterated when we look around to find this trend everywhere. 

But the real question is - is it time to actually move on from ripped jeans? Has it been overdone to an extent where it just rips our heart apart to see it being worn? 

To make the situation more confusing, the ripped denim trend has made its way to the runway in the form of a saree by designer Diksha Khanna. 

2. ripped jeans - ripped denim saree

So why is it that we need to move over ripped jeans? Here are the plausible reasons to move on:  

1. Ripped denim has become so common and is almost seen on every and anybody. People are seen to be losing their sense of fashion in a rat race behind this one trend and just to sport the street style look, ripped denim is forcefully being paired with any and everything.

2. Designers are doing a lot of new denim silhouettes like wide-legged pants and fringe denim. It is time we acknowledge this change and incorporate it into our lives. Diversity is always a good idea. 

3. In a world of fast fashion, we need to be as sustainable as possible and ripped jeans are a contrast to this idea. The process of creating ripped jeans leads to a lot of wastage of denim material and that in itself can be considered harmful to the environment. Let them naturally rip, we say, if you must hold on to the trend. 

4. Ripped jeans are becoming less distressed and they tend to have more massive holes which are beginning to look tackier and forced. Your Nani is definitely scratching her head over the holes. 

5. You are tired of hearing every adult in the one-mile radius blatantly point out that your jeans are torn. I'd imagine, they would have started to notice it's a trend, not an error by now.  

At the same time, I'm not advocating the fact that we completely do away with ripped jeans but we should just explore other options as well. So instead of ripped denim, a great alternative could be wearing wide legged pants, Bebo, Athiya Shetty and Malaika Arora Khan are inspiration enough for us to make the necessary switch. Don't you agree?


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Time to move on and get a groove on!