9 Intimate Things Your Hubby Wants More Of (Besides Sex!)

9 Intimate Things Your Hubby Wants More Of (Besides Sex!)

Marriage is all about intimacy and intimacy isn't all about sex! As they say, the intimacy of the mind is rare to find. Although most people confuse intimacy with sex, it is important to remember that there's more to intimacy and marriage than just that. Marriage opens up a whole new life and of course, it brings along the person with whom you share your most intimate moments with. So here are a few intimate things besides sex that you can do with your hubby.

1. Take a nightly stroll

Hold on a minute! How do you get more intimate than just taking strolls and not having sex? A nightly stroll, hand in hand, right after your dinner is something which will help you relax and bring you closer to your partner after all those hectic hours at work. It’s also a great way to chat and bond without distractions like the TV playing.

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2. Give a massage before bed

A good massage is orgasmic, whether you're in a spa or in your bed. Give your partner a sensual, indulgent, relaxing but stimulating body massage and then ask him to return the favour. It’ll help you calm your nerves and rejuvenate while also feeling closer to each other.

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3. Send a flirtatious text message

This might sound juvenile but trust us, it will rekindle that spark and make you yearn for your partner and spice up things between you two. Try it! It never disappoints.

4. Explore cookbooks and new recipes together

If both of you are foodies, then nothing else brings you guys closer. Like, literally! You are already following your favourite chefs on Instagram and Facebook, so now,  explore and try out new recipes with your partner while dancing to music around the kitchen.

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5. Work out with bae

Simply buddy up with your partner and let this weekend be the start of something fitter. Why wait for #MondayMotivation to start on your fitness routines? Make catching up with your husband fitter and more fun. You may not shed the desired kilos in one day, but if followed religiously, you can help each other stay fit and also keep the romance alive.

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6. Express gratitude

Your husband might have helped you with doing the dishes, grocery shopping, or planning that perfect weekend getaway and many more such small but special things for you. Don’t forget to thank him for these little gestures and efforts he takes. Tell him, how lucky you are to have him and share your life with him.

7. Jab we Met - Reminisce about your first meeting

Yes! It’s even more romantic than it reads. Remember the early stages of your relationship - how you both met, and how it all started, that eye contact, those giggles and everything else that felt so dreamy and Bollywood-like when you met him.

8. Look into each other’s eyes

Spare a few minutes and look deep into each other’s eyes. There is something magical about staring deeply into the eyes of a person you love beyond time. It elevates your level of intimacy with your husband which no other physical touch could match up to.

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9. Just lie down and do nothing

It might sound crazy, but yes that’s what it is. You both come home to each other to sleep in the same bed, snuggle and comfort with each other. There ain’t anything more intimate than that.

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