Are You In Your 20s & Feel Like You're Failing? We've Got News For You!

Are You In Your 20s & Feel Like You're Failing? We've Got News For You!

You're constantly juggling what you want for yourself and what your parents want from you. You think doing yoga on the weekends is spiritual and you attend brunches because that's the time you wake up. You're earning well enough, according to your "industry's standards"; but, you're still broke by the end of the month because life is just that hard. You had an idea about where you'd be by the time you hit your 20s; but, guess what? You're nowhere close to that!

Congratulations, you're officially in your 20s!

And sorry, it isn't going to get better any better. 

Most millennials feel like they are failing in their 20s. But, why? Maybe because we've been conditioned to have our love and life sorted out by the time we become young adults and it doesn't work that way. Here's the golden truth, nothing is ever easy. On the bright side, you're one step closer to having your sh*t together. Here are a few things you should be okay with in your 20s. Understand that these don't define your 20s; but, just determine the fact that you're on the right path, even if it doesn't feel like it:

1. Make Mistakes

Do everything wrong if you must; but, learn from it. Your 20s are meant to be the phase when you're old enough to make your own decisions; but, too young to make all the right ones. Everything you do is a lesson - from your work to your relationships. Don't ponder over everything that is going wrong. It isn't meant to be your idea of right. 

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2. Be Uncomfortable 

Step out of your comfort zone and get rid of your fears. You're in the prime of your mental and physical health. So experiment with almost everything that scares you; better to have done it wrong than to never have tried at all. 

3. Learn To Be Brave 

Everything you've learned until your 20s can backfire and turn into ash right in front of your eyes. But that's perfectly fine! Partly because it makes for a great story to tell your kids when you're 40 and partly because it makes you braver. Believe that nothing can stand in your way and your fearlessness will lead you to brighter horizons.  

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4. Take A Break 

I wouldn't advise you to quit your job and go on a journey of self-discovery; nobody has the time or money for that. But, this has more to do with taking a break from being overwhelmed with your routined life. Not for a long time, just once a month or once in two months do something just for yourself. Spend a weekend in an arcade by yourself, or finish that book you've been reading on and off for almost a year. We're all so focused on making something out of our careers in our 20s that we absolutely forget about the state of our mental and physical health. Take a break... have a KitKat? 

5. Do More

Learn Pilates, go scuba diving, learn how to fly a plane, farm for a month, basically, do whatever the actual f*ck you want. Why? Because you aren't married, don't have kids and have parents who are ready to treat you like an adult. So, instead of collecting regrets and 'what ifs', collect a lot of 'remember whens'. 

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6. Travel A Little

If you can afford that trip to Bora Bora, then be my guest. But if you can't then don't let it hold you back. Backpack, road trip, it isn't possible every weekend but make a conscious effort to at least plan these experiences. 

7. Gather Knowledge

I don't mean degrees, though if that's your way then sure. But gather as much information, skills, and knowledge as you can. You have the opportunity to push your mind and body to its limits. So learn like nobody is watching. 

07 20s

8. Stay Confident

Fake it till you make it. Scare your 20s' blues away with your confidence. I could put a billion inspirational quotes here and that wouldn't be enough unless you believe in yourself. 

9. Let Love Find You

Don't spend your days 'looking' for love. It is perfectly acceptable to be single and stay that way till you're convinced otherwise. On the other hand, if you're a serial dater, then stop hoping to find 'the one'. Life is unpredictable and your 20s sure are an example of that! Love will find you, stop trying to make it stay. 

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Stay young, ladies!

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