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Shaadi Chic: Here's How To Rock The Bindi At The Next Wedding You Attend!

Shaadi Chic: Here's How To Rock The Bindi At The Next Wedding You Attend!

Be it hip youngsters at Coachella, or us at Indian weddings and pujas giving off the ultra desi vibe, bindis have always been popular. Great for adding colour, quirk and personality to your outfit, there are traditional bindis, along with some funky, printed and inked bindis too. And, you needn’t necessarily be in Indian wear to pull them off, they go beautifully with jeans too! (take a cue from Selena Gomez who has sported the bindi multiple times). However, in this post, we’re going to talk about how to match your bindis with your wedding outfits. If you’re the kind to bring your best beauty game to every wedding you attend, here’s all that you need consider to pick the right bindi for yourself!

1. Pick Your Colour


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Coloured bindi can really pick up your look - you can either match it with the exact shade of your outfit or go for a contrast look. For example if you’re wearing a pink sharara-kurta set that has a hint of purple in the piping or work, then go for a purple bindi. Alternatively, you can go for a monotone look to make a style statement.

2. Bling, Or No Bling?

You have to decide the look you’re going for. If your outfit is blingy, i.e.embellished with stones and sequins work, you might want to complete the look with a stone/crystal looking bindi. On the contrary, if your outfit is a tad bit loud and shiny, you might want to wear a basic coloured bindi to balance it out. Take a call and pick your bindi for the evening accordingly!

3. Shape Matters

Bindis come in various shapes and sizes - there are round ones, squares, the elongated kind, drop shape ones, half-moon shape and even abstract. We suggest you go for a shape based on the shape of your face. For example, if you have an oval face shape, you can opt for round bindis, and someone with a square face will look stunning with an elongated bindi on as that will give the illusion of a longer face. Or better still, try different shapes and see what pleases the eye most.

4. Two Is Better Than One Sometimes

Yes ladies, mix and match, we say. If you’re sporting an ombre outfit, go for two or three coloured bindis and place them one over the other. Don’t worry, it doesn’t look too matched. In fact, it makes your look complete and beautiful, according to us.

5. Paint It On

Bring out the artist in you and use face paint to draw on your bindi. Let us warn you though - this should be done with maximum precision or else it can look a tad bit shabby. You can play with colours and designs to match your choice. Give a shot, ladies.

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