Virgin On The First Night? Here Are Some Tips To Handle The Situation Like A Pro!

Virgin On The First Night? Here Are Some Tips To Handle The Situation Like A Pro!

Your first night is special and you definitely don’t want any hiccups, come what may. The pressure of the wedding night can be too much for many women to handle, even more, if you haven't had sex before. Here’s the thing, hold your breathe and be rest assured that he is as excited as you are. Sweat not! First and foremost, you need to calm your nerves and follow these simple tips to help things go smoothly with your partner on your first night.

1. First thing first, relax.

You really need to calm yourself down. Seeing you all stressed is only going to make him uncomfortable and more nervous than he already is. Be patient with him, address any fears or doubts you may have to help feel at ease.


2. Communicate well before the wedding night

Get to know your partner more and talk about your hopes and fears before your wedding night. It will give you a sense of relief that your soon-to-be husband cares about your apprehensions. You will know you can rely on him and this will help you guys get closer and feel more comfortable with each other.

3. Don’t rush. Period.

Sex is about trust. For a lot of women, it requires feeling safe, protected and loved. Don’t just rush into it without having a heart to heart chat with him. If you feel the need to wait, let him know and we're sure he'll understand. 


4. Foreplay always helps

Lots of foreplay is a must. Women take a little longer than men to get fully in the mood, so take your time with some cuddles and gentle foreplay. It’s also a good way to understand what the other likes and dislikes and what really excites one another.

5. The wetter, the smoother

Stress and tiredness will hardly allow you to get aroused. So, it’s always a good idea to have some lube at hand. There’s nothing to feel shy about it, he is your partner for life and you have nothing to worry about. Since it’s your first time, remember that it’s bound to hurt. Lube will help make the process smoother and can reduce the pain of first-time sex.

6. Do not hesitate to ask

Don't be afraid to ask him questions like, "Can I try this?" or "Does that feel good?". Knowing what each of you likes and dislikes ensures a more pleasurable experience. 


7. Don’t look for perfection

The best way to prepare yourself is to relax and enjoy the night and not expect it to be perfect. There are so many things that might go wrong. Your first night and the first time is special, but it doesn't need to be the stuff of dreams. There are lots of other ways to make each other feel special. And trust us, with time and experience, your sex life will only get better! 

8. Orgasms can happen later

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t orgasm on the first night. You won’t necessarily climax the first time you have sex. Just enjoy that moment when you’re in it. Remember, sex only gets better and better, the more you have it.

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