10 Cool Ways To Wear Faux Fur In The Summer, 'Fur' Real | POPxo

Don't Fur-reak Out, This Is Real Way To Wear Fur In The Summer!

Summertime is the best, isn’t it? You can finally wear all the sundresses you bought last year, and also, the swimsuits. But can you say you don’t miss winter dressing? The warm fuzzy scarves and all that faux fur. Speaking of which, I know you can’t wear the shearling jackets or the furry coats in this boiling hot weather. But there are other ways to work faux fur in, no matter the heat.

From fur detail t-shirts to fur strap block heels, these fluffy fashion pieces will make you ‘fur-reak’ out ‘fur’ real this summer!

Ready for Summer '18? You better say, 'fur' sure.




Published on Mar 28, 2018
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