This Is How Our Dating Habits Change As We Grow Older And Wiser

This Is How Our Dating Habits Change As We Grow Older And Wiser

Don't grow up, they said. It's a trap, they said. While growing up has it's own perks; it also comes with a lot of baggage that, somehow, only latches on to our lives. In the moment we may feel like it's the worst thing to happen to us. However, as we catch up with age - and we all do, at some point or the other - we reach a stage when we're wiser when it comes to relationships. Or at least it's something that we'd like to believe. A lot of things change with time and picking a significant other is that one choice that definitely changes over the years.

You can see it for yourself because that one Facebook memory from four years ago makes you go - 'OMG! What was I thinking back then?' 

When we are young, we just want to be in the moment. We don't think about settling down and sometimes, we don't even think of what might happen if things get real with the same person. We think about the momentary happiness and that's where things start to mess with our heads. 

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The choices we make as kids, or even younger versions of who we are right now, are not the choices that we will stick to when we grow up. For instance, you may like someone in college because they're popular; but, the same person may look like a complete mess to you because while they might still be the same they were years ago, it is you who has changed.   

When you grow up, you suddenly realize that you need to make choices that will not make you question your own decision years, or even months later. So, you look for people who are focused and know what they want out of life. You yearn for stability. Even if it's wanting to not settle down with any one person. There are some people out there who have their entire life planned out for themselves. In short, they know what they want and sometimes, all you need is to have a person by your side who has their own life figured out. That's what being an adult is all about; especially in relationships. And it's completely okay to have a changed dating game as an adult. 

Many of my life choices have been a complete mess and when I look back at the years and all the people I met in these years that made me go 'wow', now, make me go 'what the hell?'! So, you get what I'm saying... And so, I know that we live and we learn.

So, it's important to enjoy the dating game no matter what age you're at because it keeps changing; evolving. And it is this change that teaches you something or the other in life. In fact, it's this dating game and the people you have met in your life that make you wiser as the years and experiences go by. In short, it's the experience that matters and it's the experience that makes you wise enough to take a stand that gives you a stable life.  

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