#ColourPop: 9 Stunning Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Holi

#ColourPop: 9 Stunning Nail Art Designs That Are Perfect For Holi

Holi is my favourite time of the year, bhaang and water balloon fights aside; Holi is the first, big *FUN* long weekend after New Year's Eve. This is one festival that appeals to people of all age groups. Pool parties, white kurtas, lots of colour and bhaang makes for the IDEAL stress-busting Fri-YAY! If you're looking to have a rather quiet, clean Holi this time around, add some colour to your peepers. We've rummaged through the slew of nail art ideas on the Internet and found you 9 amazing nail designs you can rock, no matter what your style is.  

Swirl Nails 

These stunning swirl nails should be your top pick if you're into pink!

Pantone Swirls

There's no better way to rock the Pantone colour of the year 2018, right? 

Bright and colourful


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Can't make up your mind? This nail art design has a little bit of everything! Pastels, ombre, roses and bold lips! 

Galaxy Nails

You'll have the universe at your fingertips with this stunning galaxy nail art design! *wink*

Colour Pop


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These colourful tips will give your post Holi hangover an upgrade! Doesn't this look exactly like your white T-shirt post-Holi?

Rainbow Ombre


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A little bit of sunshine on a rainy day? This rainbow inspired nail art could totally give your mani the upgrade it needs. 

Matte Black


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What's better than black nail polish? Matte black nail polish! 

Something Blue, Something New? 


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If you're not into colourful nails, this matte blue manicure with just a little touch of holographic is perfect for you!



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Go all out with a holographic manicure, not that this one needed a specific occasion. We bet you won't be able to stop and admire your nails every time you catch some sunlight! 

Which one of these designs would you choose to wear?