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Have You Seen These Viral Fashion Videos Yet? If Not, Add To Your YouTube Playlist NOW! 

Have You Seen These Viral Fashion Videos Yet? If Not, Add To Your YouTube Playlist NOW! 

Ever since its inception in 2015, YouTube has grown in size and reach like no other social media platform has! It is so big that people have made full-fledged careers out of the video sharing platform. With more than thirty million daily active members on the platform, this giant of modern entertainment does not seem to slow down.

Apart from huge quality content (and a few cat videos), the concept of ‘going viral’ has become YouTube’s standard selling point. Having a popular video on YouTube guarantees that your work is reaching a big audience, who love to consume content about various topics on a day to day basis. But today, we are only interested in the popular fashion videos! These uploads collected all the buzz and clicks from an engaged audience in the last year and are super fun to watch. We haven’t included any content from fashion bloggers and vloggers since that is a whole other list on its own!

Taylor Swift With Her Bulgari & Balmain

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Apart from the meta-themed music video, a major talking point about Taylor Swift's video was the fashion elements in it. Countless websites tried to recreate her fashion moments on this video, from the Balmain v-neck gown to the Gucci embroidered hooded sweatshirt. Check out the video and tell us your favourite look from the video?

A Fashion Film that Got Us Hyped

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Fashion films are a fun and artistic way for brands to connect with their audience. Usually, they are a niche taste for fashion enthusiasts who follow these releases but when you get supermodel Cara Delevingne to star in one, many people took notice. Strutting down a New York sidewalk in shimmery shoes and slip dress, this is a treat to watch!

The ‘Karma Is A B*tch Challenge’

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YouTube challenges and trends are like forest fires. Even though they fizzle out quickly, while they are trending people are hooked on to them! Originating in Asia, the ‘Karma Is A B*tch’ challenge, shows a person transform themselves completely with outfits and makeup. Watch how creative people can get with their look and maybe even try to do one of yourselves as well!

The Phantom Thread Trailer

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One of the best films of 2017 was about a couturier who takes a young waitress as his muse. Fashion lovers everywhere marvelled with this film, which was a given since its trailer was one of the most talked about releases of the year. Check out the fantastic trailer and maybe later grab your fashionista bestie to watch the flick as well!

Anna Wintour On James Corden

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James Corden’s talk show is always filled with fun celebrity moments that show you a whole new side of these glamorous people. It was no wonder, then, that viewers could not resist watching Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour play a silly game with the host of the show. A light-hearted and funny watch, watch it on your next coffee break with caution!

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One of my personal favourites on YouTube is the ‘fashion through the ages’ videos. With many channels covering the evolution of a number of styles of shoes, dresses and accessories, this one stood out. The ‘100 years of piercings’ video is an entertaining and informative watch.


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Published on Mar 31, 2018
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