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This Hair Trend From The Wizardry World Is All Set To Transform Muggles!

This Hair Trend From The Wizardry World Is All Set To Transform Muggles!

Potterheads, this one is for you!

Harry Potter is the childhood of an entire generation and hence, has inspired many toys and trends. Beauty trends like crafty lip art, face art, beauty products from eyeshadow palettes to wand inspired make-up brushes, all of them has seen a happy audience in the muggle world.

Although the latest trend to cast a spell on Instagram is much more attractive than any other we’ve seen so far and surprisingly practical for dark hair. Say hello to “Gryffindor hair” created by Virginia Beach-based colourist Crystal Casey. Crystal’s creation was first spotted on Instagram by Allure.

The hair trend is nothing less than magical. It brings together Gryffindor’s red and yellow house colours with toned-down hints of green, blue and purple used to create a spellbinding illusion of the spell Lumos being used to illuminate it from within.   

To achieve the dynamic look, Crystal began by bleaching parallel stripes into the hair at a distance from each other. Then she uses balayage and colour-melting techniques to reach to the vibrant, evenly distributed pattern.


⚡️GRYFFINDOR⚡️ Natural hair color isn’t something I post a lot of, nor are muted tones. I’ve been living 100% outside of my box lately trying to create palettes & placements that make me THE MOST uncomfortable. Things that I am not 100% certain of the outcome. I had an idea for this and when all was said & done it took me a minute to actually love it & appreciate my artwork. W͢H͢Y you ask? Bc I’m used to perfection. I want my placement and my styling to be perfect every👏🏻time 👏🏻 Hard lines are unpredictable, add that to trying to capture hair in motion & it becomes a million times more unpredictable. I’ve spent every day off for the last 3 weeks creating these kinds of looks, learning the placements & photographing them. I keep studying the images trying to see where I went wrong and what can be fixed to make it “perfect” but that’s the thing, art isn’t always perfect, and even if it’s perfect to you it may not be to someone else. Art is expression, it’s creative, it’s not a safe bet wrapped in a little bow. Art is your perception of perfect. Not what the industry standards are. ᏟᎾᏞᎾᎡ ᏌᏚᎬᎠ: @matrix #socolorcult . . . . . . . . . . . #btconeshot_vibrant18 #btconeshot_unconventionalcolor18 #behindthechair #cryistalchaos #olaplex #harrypotterhair #gryffindor #allure #americansalon #beautylaunchpad #cosmoprofbeauty #vbhair

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Get The Look

For the ones who are interested in creating the look themselves or through a salon, Crystal fixates the importance of the right kind of care and upkeep. However, the trend is based on the most favourite Hogwarts’ house but there’s no magic spell or potion that will take care of it for you. “Proper care and maintenance for this type of colour [includes] colour-safe, sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner,” she shared with an online portal. She also explained that it’s better to wash hair with cold water in order to use it to its max potential.

Harry Potter hairstyles are usually the ones which suit all hair and skin colours. They are as diverse and welcoming as Hogwarts itself!

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Clearly, Gryffindor hair is not the only Harry Potter hairstyle on Instagram, there are a few more that are making headlines.

Butterbeer Hair inspired by Harry, Ron, and Hermione's favourite Hogsmeade beverage.

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You might wanna style it with a (sorting) hat before you make your way to Platform 9 ¾.