When It Comes To Zayn, Gigi Hadid Knows How To Mark Her Territory (Fashionably)!

When It Comes To Zayn, Gigi Hadid Knows How To Mark Her Territory (Fashionably)!

The rumours of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's romance first sparked off in November 2015 just a few weeks after the model ended things with musician Joe Jonas. Photographs of them leaving Justin Bieber’s American Music Awards after-party in L.A. surface causing millions of Zayn fans to weep rivers. Post that, Gigi has left no stone unturned to flaunt her love for Zayn and we love how it's become a fashion statement. From phone covers to jewellery and the works, that's one section of her wardrobe that must have the 'No Borrowing Zone' sign outside it.

Although we follow Gigi as a trendsetter, this might be a bit too personalised to copy (unless you love Zayn enough to replace your Metallica t-shirts). But then again, you can always borrow a page from Gigi's style book and display the same love for your boyfriend or better half. 

Here are all the times Gigi sported things out of her 'Zayn' wardrobe:


Booty calls may be a thing but Gigi made it clear that she's only making one call. A pop of colour on the back pocket is a trend anyone can pull off. That's one subtle way to take 'boyfriend jeans' literally, though!


Talking about making calls, that 'hotline' only 'blings' for Zayn! We're sure all Zayn fans would want this phone cover but no one can pull it off like his lover. We wonder which song he sang last for Gigi...


We wear our heart our on sleeve and Gigi wears Zayn on her tee. We love the not-so-basic t-shirt that would let everyone know that the couple is still reignin' and high! No space for haters!


Gigi jazzed up the under-boob area with some trinkets that had a 'Z' inscribed on it. This is probably the only mainstream thing she did to show off her love for her BF, Zayn. We've all been there, done that, have we not? Never like Gigi, we're sure! #CoupleGoals

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While everyone rocked band tees, Gigi pulled off the trend with Zayn's name on her t-shirt. We wonder if she ever gets the chance to miss him or she just looks at herself for it. That would make one hell of an outfit for a concert though!

If you don't have anything to gift to your boyfriend or husband on your anniversary or his birthday, let Gigi throw some light on how it's done. Or perhaps you can do as Zayn does and get your loved one's eyes (or features or name) tattoed on your body. Although, make sure you're really in it to win it before you launch your own boyfriend-inspired wardrobe or the break-up would require a hell of a wardrobe cleanse!