Gen Jean: The Denim Trends Checklist For Your Next Shopping Spree

Gen Jean: The Denim Trends Checklist For Your Next Shopping Spree

Trends come, they go, then come back only to disappear again. Well, fashion is a cycle. But amidst all this cyclicality, you know what stays? The humble denim. Sure it goes through reinventions, millions of them (although we'd bet your mom’s 501 jeans are still looking good.) From Michelle Obama to the cleaning lady at your house, everybody’s got a denim pair, and then some.

But do you have enough to qualify to be a member of the Gen Jean? I mean, it’s only the coolest millennial club, Gen Y/Z.

Lucky for you, we happen to be on a good karma collecting spree, so we compiled a diverse denim checklist. Read on!

1. The Anti-Fit Fit

Think boyfriend, mom, drop crotch, basically any style of jeans that don’t hug your legs like it’s going to choke them to death. Although we’ve included drop crotch in this list just to be thorough, we truly believe only Eminem can pull them off, so stick to your mom and boyfriend jeans.

2. Date Night Denim


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When they call jeans the most democratic garment, they sure aren’t kidding. It really is appropriate for any occasion, from grocery runs to date nights. For date night, you need something that stands out a little bit more - if you are thinking embellished or sequinned, we’re on the same page.

3. Your Glove Fit  


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Every girl deserves a pair of jeans that fit her like it was custom-made for her, hugs your butt, outlines your thighs – all this while not giving you a muffin top, like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but if it only fits one girl.

4. Hem Play


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No, cuffing your jeans doesn’t count. If you’re a girl that has a thing for stilettos – you will love a cropped hem. You can invest in a tapered hem or a wide one, if it happens to be frayed, even better.

5. Destruction, not deconstruction

The denim rip has come a long way. There was a time when the rip was so small that you could barely see it and had to physically widen it. Not anymore. The bigger the rip, the more your street cred. A good thumb rule to follow? Your rip should take up a third of the surface are of your jeans.