Fashion Moms-To-Be Will LOVE These Stylish Ways To Announce Their Pregnancy!

Fashion Moms-To-Be Will LOVE These Stylish Ways To Announce Their Pregnancy!

In addition to cat videos and fail compilations, there is another genre of guilty pleasure videos that people love to watch: baby-on-the-way announcement videos! Surprising your family, friends and online community with a pregnancy reveal can be super fun, especially if you add a little creativity to it. This is where we come in! For us, fashion is one of the top choices when it comes to individual expression. Fortunately, there are options available to use fashion to come up with a fun pregnancy announcement as well! Celebrity cook and resident cool girl Ayesha Curry posted this happy picture on her Instagram to break the news and we are all for it:


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Add some quirk to your Instagram preggers post, catch your family off-guard with sneaky suggestive sneakers or take your BFFs out to shop for baby stuff. These fashionable tricks will cement your reputation of the coolest mom-to-be in your tribe!

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1. Sport A ‘Say-It-All’ Tee

 1 pregnancy announcement

Taking the obvious out of the way, slogan t-shirts are a great bet for your social media posts or a private gathering alike! We suggest you go for quirky prints with funny slogans to keep it light and happy!

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2. Wrap Up Some Baby Booties For Family & Friends

2 pregnancy

Play a double whammy on your family by gifting them booties or onesies, which you will be using anyway when the baby arrives! Go for unisex styles to avoid any exchanges or returns in the near future.

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3. A Cheeky ‘Knocked Up’

3 pregnancy announcement

An Instagram aesthetic that could not get any cheekier than this! We bet that if you walk down the road with a pair of these on, at least two random strangers are bound to ask you about it!

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4. For The Him & Her Announcements

4 pregnancy announcement

Couple announcements are not just charming and sweet, it also lets the world in on a glimpse at what having two fun parents looks like! Keep it indirect so that you don’t get the sharp edge of the ridicule stick from your friends!

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5. Take Your BFFs Shopping For A New Pair Of Jeans!

4 pregnancy

Plan an entire day of shopping with your closest BFFs and watch their reaction when revealing your plans of shopping for pregnancy clothes. You are anyway going to need all the extended waistband jeans and nursing dresses, might as well get your friends to chip in on the choices!

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6. Printed Sneakers To Confirm Your Kid Fever

6 pregnancy

Brands are awash with cute printed sneakers and shoes with all kinds of designs and patterns available. We picked this ‘kids hand-in-hand’ print to get you started with your baby obsession early!

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7. The Tattletale Tote

7 pregnancy

Tote bags are a blessing in disguise for new mothers. They hold all the diapers, pacifiers, milk bottles and the crucial wet wipes! We picked this peeking baby printed tote that is an instant giveaway as to what’s been cooking in the oven!

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8. The Only Thing You Will Fit Into After A While

8 pregnancy

Shirt dresses are one of the styles available for pregnant women that is both stylish and comfortable. Pick out some fun designs to hint at your upcoming bump, because this is one doodle that can’t be undone!

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9. Keep ‘Em Guessing!

9 pregnancy

If like us, you are a fan of torturing your loved ones with cryptic messages and suggestive hints, this idea is for you! Printed t-shirts which just barely hint at your current situation will add extra doses of laughter on your special day!

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