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7 Bangin' Hairstyles Using Only *One* Tool? Don't Mind If I Do!

7 Bangin' Hairstyles Using Only *One* Tool? Don't Mind If I Do!

If there's one master tool that every girl has in her beauty kit, it’s got to be a hair iron. This heat styling tool is a God sent that can tame the tresses and even help with hairstyles. Don’t believe us? We thought you’d need convincing. We’ve found some incredible hairdos that can be done using our trusty flat iron or hair straightener. So, let’s get cracking with these inspiring looks.

1. Go Sleek Like Anushka 

Still reeling from the big #virushka wedding? Well then, try this simple yet smart celeb-favourite hairstyle that doesn’t take much prepping or expertise. It works great on long hair, but if you don’t have long locks, you could always get some clip in extensions or just rock your length with a sleek do. Your hair will look much longer in this hairstyle anyway.

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2. Glam Hollywood Waves


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If you love those big 1950s hairstyles, with the soft waves, then this tutorial is for you. You’ll have to start with straightening your whole mane and then using the technique shown above, you strategically make waves. Make sure to set these waves with a good hairspray, so that it stays all night long.

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3. Fun Curls


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If your haircut needs a little lift and bounce, the best way to do that is to curl your hair. This hairstyle is about adding some soft curls to your existing haircut. It’s a cute upbeat look that works with all hair irons and hair types. So follow the steps above and enjoy some bouncy curls. Remember to use a heat protection spray before doing this, to prevent any heat damage.

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4. Upgrade Your Ponytail


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We love this look for long hair girls, as it’s edgy and gives off a role play vibe. Straighten your hair and tie two ponytails, one at the nape of your neck and another little further down, using a bit of hair to wrap around the rubber band to conceal it. Using your flat iron, add some waves to the remaining hair for some texture.

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5. Braid Curls


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This is probably the easiest way to get sexy textured hair for those days that you don’t have much time. All you need to do is section your hair and make some braids. Once you create the braids, run your flat iron over them to keep the curl intact. Then undo the braid and voila, you’ve got soft textured hair.

6. Hair Chalk

If you’re feeling like your hair needs a temporary boost with some colour, then try using chalk. Apply the chalk colour of your choice to your hair. To make it last longer and look more natural, use a hair iron after applying it. This sets the colour in and finish with a mild hold spray.

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7. Side Swept

This look is all about a deep side part. Part your hair to one side and then begin to straighten. Keep the front section straight and curl the ends, using your flat iron. Pin the other side back to give your part a little bit more definition. Take the remaining hair and put it to the side of your parting, from the nape of your neck at the back, pin it, securing the hairstyle. We find that using a good serum adds shine and bounce to this sleek hairstyle.

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We told you we will convince you!