All The Fashion Risks You Need To Take Now ‘Coz Kal Ho Na Ho!

All The Fashion Risks You Need To Take Now ‘Coz Kal Ho Na Ho!

For a lot of things in life, you can’t afford to walk off the beaten path. If we dared you to get up and quit your job right now, we bet you wouldn’t be able to even if you are terribly unhappy. But as far as fashion choices are concerned, we’ll tell you this - Be brave, girl… ‘coz “Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai...”

1. Wear H2T Red… ‘Coz #MoheyRangDoLal


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So you’re okay with wearing a red dress once in a while but all red separates seem a bit much? We’ll break it down for you - start with a dress, get used to seeing yourself in red. For first-timers, it can be a bit daunting. Work your way up to a red jumpsuit and when you’re ready to embrace that red powersuit and red heels like a...  

2. Try Matte Black Sunglasses… #TenuKalaChashmaJachdaHai

Don’t tell us you’re still wearing yellow-tinted sunglasses. Even the Hadid sisters gave up on that. Try matte black sunglasses instead. We know what you’re thinking - how will I ever see through these? If PeeCee manages to do it, you’ll be just fine. Just avoid driving in them, maybe!       

3. Explore Saree 2.0 ‘Coz The Hottest Girl In The World Is A #DesiGirl  

Have you seen the sarees that Shilpa Shetty has been wearing recently? Serious props to Sanjana Batra (Shilpa Shetty’s stylist, duh!) for managing to constantly find new saree styles for an appearance every week on Super Dancer. If you weren’t a saree person so far, this should be enough to convert you.

4. Try The Mismatched Earrings Trend  ‘Coz #JhumkaGiraRey


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Mera Saya was made in 2018, an entire song sequence could have been saved ‘coz Sandhana would have owned that Bareily ka bazaar in a single earrings #LikeABoss. If you would like to save a trip to the mall play around with the earrings that you already own.  

5. Explore Flea Markets ‘Coz #SarojiniKeKapde

They maybe be crowded and even smelly but the stuff you find in flea markets are literally FINDS, aka you will NOT find them anywhere else. So it’s worth the trip. Explore some in your city and when you travel. Don’t get on a plane back until you have checked off some of these local gems.   

6. Try New Trends In Salawar Kameez ‘Coz… #TenuSuitSuitKarda

There are so many new anarkali trends - you can belt it, swap the pyjamas with a lehenga skirt, or skip the pyjamas altogether and wear it like a dress. Not so risky now, is it?